Resurgence Waitlist
Unfortunately all tickets to the September 18th 2021 Resurgence play party have sold out. Sometimes we have cancellations, and other times we have no shows. The party is limited in size in part due to Covid-19.

Here are the rules for the waitlist. Anyone is free to submit to the waitlist. You must specify a sponsor if you haven't been to the clubhouse before or you won't be eligible.

If we have cancellations on purchased tickets, we will contact you and allow you to purchase the ticket(s). We always have no-shows as well, so if you would like to come to the clubhouse that night at 10pm, if we have no-shows we will allow people to enter at the "Pay at the Door rate" which is $40 per person. We will let you know what the waitlist looks like that day and what chance we think there will be that you'll be able to get in.

Please don't come to the clubhouse that night unless instructed to do so.

If you're not on the waitlist, you won't be considered for entry.

Proof of Vaccination is required to attend & As always state or federal ID that show you're at least 18 years of age.

Thank you, and we're really hoping we get to see you.
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