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The 2024-25 golf season opens on July 29, 2024
Did you know . . . more than 200 girls golf scholarships go unused every year?

Benefits of joining the golf team:

1. Golf is a life-long sport; from 7 to 77 years of age, anyone regardless of age, gender, income or ethnicity can play the game

2. Golf allows you to spend quality time with family and friends

3. Golf promotes grit, and physical and mental endurance

4. Golf teaches self-confidence, improves the ability to work with numbers, and applies problem-solving skills

5. Golf challenges the player toward constant self-improvement

6. Golf is an active game and is less injury-prone than contact sports; walking and being active in the outdoors allows for breathing in fresh air and establishes healthy exercise habits

7. Golf teaches you to learn from mistakes and overcoming obstacles

8. Golf team will not "cut" players; everyone can practice and play

9. Golf counts toward earning a graduation Student Engagement Seal and Physical Education credit

10. Golf teaches you how to behave towards self and others, and imparts values such as truthfulness and strength during adversity
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