Blue Moon Bakery Gift Card & Gluten-Free Treat Box
Enjoy Blue Moon Bakery's locally made gluten free treats with a $25 dollar gift card. Also included in your order is a signature Treat Box that includes a yummy assortment of small gluten free cookies, lemon bars and mini galettes!

About Blue Moon Bakery:
Melissa, the owner and baker, realized the demand for and lack of good tasting gluten free baked goods. She talked with several Naturopathic Physicians, a few gluten intolerant friends, spent time researching and went back to the kitchen to mix up amazing gluten free cookies. The result was and still is incredibly delicious!
You can also find our delicious baked goods at Hillsboro, Beaverton, Lake Oswego and Vancouver Farmers Markets as well as our Open Kitchen (where you order online and pick up at our bakery on specific dates)

We are so thankful that this locally owned business is donating to our cause. Jenna, our auction organizer who had a gluten free roommate, was lucky enough to try these tasty treats out at the Beaverton Farmer's Market. She says she cannot recommend enough just how good they are!

See more of Blue Moon Bakery on their website:
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