Outschool Ambassador Program
What are we looking for in an ambassador?
*We’re looking for parents who KNOW Outschool. This means your kids take classes on Outschool regularly,
and you are aware of the ins and outs of the registration process and more!
*We’re looking for parents who want to share their input with Outschool. You will have the opportunity to
regularly share feedback with Outschool to help us make the community better.
*We’re looking for parents who already share Outschool with their friends, family, and neighbors or who are
willing to share.
*You have a willingness to be a parent voice for Outschool when the opportunity arises.
*Being a parent ambassador means being part of some of the conversations in Outschool Online Learning Community on Facebook.
What’s your name? *
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Tell us about your family: How old are your learners? *
What is your current educational approach (e.g. homeschooling, traditional public or private school, etc.)? How does Outschool fit into your family’s life? *
What types of classes do your children usually take on Outschool? *
Why are you interested in being an Outschool parent ambassador? *
Are you a member of the Outschool Online Learning Community on Facebook? *
Would you be willing to share Outschool with your local and virtual communities when applicable? *
Can you commit to participating in conversations in the Outschool Online Learning Community at least once a week? *
Are you willing to be a conversation starter in the Outschool Online Learning Community? Conversation starters are will to spark discussions a few times each month around specific topics related to education and parenting. *
What do you hope to accomplish as an Outschool parent ambassador? *
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