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Fill out this form to switch your membership type or to cancel your current membership. Our administrative team processes these requests within 1 week. For that reason, ALL REQUESTS MUST BE SUBMITTED AT LEAST 7 DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR NEXT BILLING DATE in order for the change to be made before your next monthly charge. You can find your next billing date by logging into your MindBody profile or by looking up the contract you received via email when you purchased your membership. It will be the same date each month (EXAMPLE: If you purchased your membership on the 15th of the month, your next charge will be on the 15th of the upcoming month).

**NOTE! Our membership options have changed as of 3/22/21. Now all membership types have access to our recorded library of classes within the Virtual Studio. This means you can practice your favorite class style any time you want!

Upon completion and clicking the submit button, you will see an accepted screen pop up. This means your request has been submitted. You will not receive a separate confirmation email. Our staff will be in touch if any additional communication is necessary. Otherwise, we will do what you request here!

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