Long Bay Youth Symphony 2019-2020 Registration
Acceptance into the Long Bay Youth Symphony is a 2-step process: registration and audition. This registration is the first step. THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE OF ACCEPTANCE INTO THE LONG BAY YOUTH SYMPHONY. ACCEPTANCE WILL BE DECIDED BASED ON THE MUSICIAN'S AUDITION. If accepted, a $130 tuition is required (scholarships available).
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Are you interested in being a parent representative for your school ?(Parent representatives interface between the LBYS and the local school communicating any schedule conflicts that may arise throughout the year and are an overall advocate for the LBYS to the local band/orchestra program. This position would require an already well-cultivated relationship and familiarity with the band/orchestra director.) *
I understand that acceptance into the Long Bay Youth Symphony is decided based on my audition and not on this application. *
If accepted into the Long Bay Youth Symphony, I am able to commit to Tuesday evening rehearsals from 5:30PM-8PM weekly throughout the majority of the school year. *
I understand that the annual tuition for involvement in the Long Bay Youth Symphony is $130.
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