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How lovely that you want to apply for Team HART! This is the application form for joining HART at the beginning of the new school year. However, you are expected to already look around during Q4 so the old members can transfer their knowledge to the new team.
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Please read this practical information carefully before applying
1. Team HART has a flat organizational structure. You can be active in multiple clusters, which are sub-groups in the team that work on a topic. Therefore you don't apply for a specific role. However, we do ask you about your interest to see how we can create a nice balance in the team.
The cluster topics contain:
- Business
- Marketing and Awareness
- Internal affairs, bonding and team well-being
- Software (AI)
- Hardware, Design
- Research
- Other tech related topics

2. For the previous 3 years we have experienced that this flat structure brings the team a lot of benefits, like freedom, motivation, drive and a shared responsibility. To maintain this structure, we are looking for pro-active people, who are comfortable with taking initiative to start projects, picking up tasks and being critical about teams' performance.

3. We expect members to spend at least 14 hours per week in the team, which is equal to an average workload of one TU/e course. From experience we noticed that it's hard to keep up in the team with its structure if you spend less time than this. Fulltime is only an option when we think it is appropriate.

4. We are looking for people that can stay longer in the team than one semester, so one year or longer.

5. We have application rounds every semester. A part of the existing team leaves and some new members join. We don't have the whole team changing every year.

That was all the official information, if you have any more questions, don't hesitate to contact us at hr@teamhart.nl!
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Student card number (top left of your card). Needed for Gaslab access. If you are not a TU/e student we have to arrange a card, but that can be done after.
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Why would you like to join a student team HART? Why would you be a great addition to the team? What clusters do you want to join? (approximately 150-300 words)
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In the practical information section on top of this application form there is an overview of the topics where you can be active. What are you interested in? If you have (other) valuable and relevant skills, do not forget to mention them. Wanting to learn and develop yourself is also a great reason, something we also facilitate. (approximately 150-300 words)
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