OFF TIME - Application -

    Please read carefully before registration

    ● Conditions ・You are Over 18 years old and above ・We may ask you not to participate if you are drunk ・Arrive at the venue on time so we can start the program as scheduled. ・ Healthy enough to exercise. (We cannot take any responsibilities for the incidents that occurred due to the negligence of the participants.) ・We accept up to three people from an organization at a time to make sure all the participants can maximize the benefit of the OFF TIME program  ・Participation fee ¥4,000/person to be paid at the door

    Cancellation Policy

    Cancellation can be made for free of charge up until 1 week prior to the day of the program. Cancellations after that will be charged as follows; l 6- 1 day prior: 50 % l On the day of the program and no show: 100 %

    How to Cancel

    Please contact Japan Blind Football Association via e-mail address with the titile 'OFF TIME Cancel' ・Phone :03-6908-8907 ・ Please note that the program can be cancelled due to inevitable events including natural disasters, in which case no cancellation fees will be charged.

    Please wear appropriate clothes for exercising (on the day).

    ・The OFF TIME program will be held inside the gym or conference room and all the participants will be required to wear indoor shoes. ・There will be no air conditioning with the most of the facilities and please be prepared so you can control your condition. ・All the facilities have locker rooms

    What should I bring with me to participate OFFTIME?

    ・Comportable clothes ・Indoor footwear ・Towel ・Drink ( There is a vending machine on the place) ・Business cards if you want

    Privacy Policy

    All the information collected through the registration will be properly treated according to the privacy policy of JBFA and no information will be disclosed to any third parties without prior documentation of agreement. please check agree and move on to the application form