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Organizing Against Transphobia (OAT) uses Slack as a coordinating tool to support the coalitions formed to fight against HB-358, SB-515 and SB-514. The purpose of OAT is to help coordinate actions and resources between organizations, groups and people to support the resistance to these anti-trans bills. We have a division of work through committees and an organizing committee that meets weekly via Zoom to provide updates, request resources and offer assistance to all members of OAT. The purpose is to assist in the creation of a popular front and help organizers form effective people power in their communities.

After submitting your request, someone from the outreach committee will contact you to help get you and your community or organization setup with the OAT slack and, with your permission, add you to our email list. In the mean time, please checkout the Slack Getting Started guide: and download Slack on your phone.

Your information will be kept private. OAT will not sell your information or provide it to 3rd parties to sell or use for any reason without your permission.

This form will be checked daily. If you have an urgent request, please fill out the form and email and someone will get to you as soon as possible.
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