Literature on Genetics
Please suggest papers for a graduate course in advanced genetics.  I'm looking for papers with educational value, especially those that present important methods, or papers that use important methods in an especially illustrative way.  Most papers will be recent.  However, classical papers that provide background that is important in a literature-based course are also included.  Suggestions may be published on the "Literature on Genetics" blog (see for more explanation and for past posts).
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 A URL that takes me to that specific paper on any web site would be great (typically, this would be a bibliographic site such as CiteULike or the journal). To get the PubMed ID, find your paper on PubMed; the PubMed ID is an 8 digit number that appears in the URL at the end, right after   It also appears just below the abstract, "PMID: [8-digit number]."
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This is optional. I may use the paper in my course.  I may use your text on the blog (see; if you want me to cite you, answer the next question.
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This is optional. I can credit your recommendation on the blog if you want.  If you want me to contact you, provide contact information (I won't put contact information on the blog unless you ask me to).
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