Professional Development Partnership with the DREAM Collective
The DREAM Collective provides professional development through our model of Professional Human Development (PHD). Our PHD model seeks to make dispositional and operational changes to decenter whiteness and disassemble white supremacy in persons and organizations.

Our PHD model is customized for each individual/organization we partner with, and our PHD model centers on our three-tiered approach to professional development. We begin with (1) inquiry and assessment, (2) intervention, and (3) support.  

The DREAM Collective operates from a space of long-term change verses short-gain appeasement. We do not partner with entities, organizations, and/or persons for “quick fixes” or “checking-of-a-box.” We are committed to establishing long-lasting partnerships with community shareholders and organizations that result in the deconstructive systems that are long-lasting and system wide. It is our belief that taking any form of ‘quick money’ would only temporarily serve our interests, but will generationally serve white supremacy.
If you are interested in transformative partnership for your school, school district, governmental agency (state or federal), NGO, corporation, or religious group/organization; please complete the form and someone will respond to your request within 2 to 3 business days.
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