Health History and Disclaimer
Pole exercise consists of activities such as a warm up, stretching, learning cardio routines to music consisting of spins, transitions/moves between spins and floor work. This fitness session is designed to increase overall cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, endurance and flexibility, as well as co-ordination and confidence, and I understand that I can notify the instructor if I have questions about the activities and feel, or any reason, that I cannot participate further in the session.

If you have any worries about your health or sustainability for pole dancing we recommend that you visit your GP for advice, we also do not advise pregnant women to participate in dancing.

Anyone who is pregnant and wishes to participate will be required to bring a doctors note from their GP authorizing them to undertake the activity. The nature of this sport can cause bruising and muscular sprains and strains, as with any sport there is always the danger of getting hurt. It is very important to warm up before any exercise and you will be taken through a warm up and stretches to help reduce the risk of sprains and strains.

All exercise activity carries an element of risk including but not limited to:
• Muscle strains
• Changes in blood pressure, fainting or dizziness
• Dehydration and nausea
• Skin burns from the pole or floor
• Bruises from bumping body parts against the pole or floor
• Delayed Onset Muscular Soreness 1-2 days after
• Joint sprains – both acute and chronic conditions
• Falling and slipping from the pole

This session has been designed in a way to minimise the above risks, and if I any time I feel excessive discomfort or pain I will stop the activity immediately and notify the instructor. The structure, benefits and risks of the session have been explained to me and I understand that I may withdraw from the session at any time.

I understand that I am solely responsible for monitoring my own condition throughout any of the exercise sessions and pole fitness. Should any symptoms occur, I will cease my participation and inform the instructor immediately of the symptoms. I agree to assume the risk of such exercises and further agree to hold harmless Pole Artistry from any claims, suits, loses or related causes of action for damages, including but not limited to, such claims that result from injury, accidental or otherwise, during or arising in any way from the pole dancing class.

I acknowledge that Pole Artistry accepts no liability whatsoever for any personal injury sustained before, during or after the pole practice or instructed session. All customers entering Pole Artistry must report to an instructor or owner of the studio. I understand that Pole Artistry will endeavour that the equipment and facilities are maintained in working order but accepts no responsibility to the participant for breakdown of any equipment.

Please remember not to wear any lotions or oils on arms and legs as this can make the pole slippery and cause injury. Anyone who arrives at the classes wearing any lotions or oils will be unable to participate.

Furthermore, my voluntary participation in such exercises is for recreational purposes only. Under no circumstances do I intend to use these exercises, pole dance moves, or the choreography taught during these programs for any other use but within the Pole Artistry studio. I understand that the exercises, exercise programs and choreography are the sole property of Pole Artistry.

**Studio cancellations**
Cancellations made by the studio will be notified by email and/or text message. Classes may be cancelled unexpectedly. Classes under the contract and pre paid classes which are cancelled will always be guaranteed communication to ensure the student/customer is able to attend another class on the timetable for that week, failing that a make-up class will be discussed to replace a last minute cancellation, this will only be given to those students/customers who are booked into the class which is being cancelled, to prevent missing out on a class which might be cancelled it is suggested to book in advance to show your intention on attendance. If in turn you wish not to attend the class in which you had intended on attending, ensure an early cancellation to avoid cancellation fees.
To ensure you are getting notice of your cancellation please UPDATE YOUR PHONE NUMBER ON THE MINDBODY WEBSITE OR APP.

**Student/customer cancellations**
All bookings MUST be cancelled on the Mindbody website or app to ensure the instructor is informed of how many people in a class. Cancellation fees apply.

Bookings are essential via the Mindbody website or app. Showing up to class without a booking does not guarantee you a pole, nor will there be any obligations for the instructor to take your lesson if you are the only person showing up.
Telling the instructor "i am coming tomorrow" will not be considered a booking, and there will be no guarantees that the instructor will remember your verbal intention of attendance.
Online bookings close 180min prior to scheduled class. Online bookings cannot be made any more than 14 days in advance. Once online bookings close, students are welcome to take their chances at turning up to a class but will not be guaranteed a pole class. Alternatively it is recommended to contact the studio via text 022 675 9936 to check if any spaces may be available for manual bookings by the instructor for the class you wish to attend. This still will not guarantee you a booking. Pole Artistry does not take any responsibility for any technical glitches in the Mindbody booking app regarding bookings.

***Photography and videoing at the studio***
No photos or videos may be taken within the studio of students unless approved by the instructor. Many new students like to have records of their pole successes. Here at Pole Artistry we encourage celebrations of new moves but often like many things, pole moves need to be polished and practiced, lines need to be clean and moves need to be executed in a safe manner. Some people may even post pictures online. If these pictures are not up to standard there may be a possibility that an experienced poler may see such moves and recognise quality of what would pass is 'acceptable' at the studio.

***Students teaching students***
In no circumstances is it acceptable for students to teach other students. One small piece of information passed on to another student may not be suited to the help you are intending to give. Worst case someone takes your advice and an injury occurs. Please leave instructing to those who are the instructors.

***Waiting students***
Students who are waiting for the next lesson to start must wait in the couch area AFTER THEY HAVE SIGNED INTO THE SIGN IN BOOK. They must not leer over at the class taking place. This is something specifically put in for beginners. Newbies often feel uncomfortable and unfamiliar around the pole so please allow them to grow into their confidence before you inadvertently take it away from them.
We do not typically allow anyone to stand in and watch without paying to be in the studio so please ask for permission before inviting friends and family.
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