Soccer Player expectations
You must make a 100 without the use of notes. If not you will take it again until you get a 100!
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Grade Level *
True or False: Coach is ok with anyone that has a vehicle driving over to the Hudson gym parking lot before practice. *
Which of the following are true and could lead to possible discipline or removal from the program? *
True or False: A player who receives a ticket outside of school at anytime of the year is required to tell the coach. *
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True or False: major/minor discipline offenses are wiped away at the start of each new year and you start with a clean slate. *
What are the two most common ways for the coaches to communicate with you when you are not in athletics? *
Which of the following goes against the team first mentality? *
True or False: Everyone is required to attend the 6am cross country workouts. *
If you are going to be absent how can you let your coaches know? *
True or False: You may play on an outside team while the high school season is NOT in play. *
True or False: An E-Cigarette regardless of what's in it still falls under tobacco use and could result in discipline from the coaches *
How long do you have from the time the bell rings for the end of 6th period to be dressed and outside for workouts? *
True or False: Everyone is required to do their very best at cross country, and run in the two local meets hosted at Hudson. *
How many unexcused absences could lead to your removal from the program? *
True or False: You must remain in school dress code at all times, even when running cross country. *
True or False: Alcohol will be part of random drug testing now *
Which of the following might you have to complete for grade/absence/tardy/discipline issues? *
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What is the minimum grade for all classes in order for you to be eligible for UIL competition? *
What is required before you can tryout for the Hudson soccer program? *
True or False: a family vacation is considered an excused absence. *
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