MCHS Academy Teacher Recommendations
This form is to be completed by a classroom teacher for a student applying for the Middle Creek High School Academy.

Directions: The student who sent you this application is applying for admission to one of the Career Academies at Middle Creek High School. Please use this form to share with us your perceptions of how well this student will meet the academic and social responsibilities of the academy. Thank you for your assistance.

This form is for the MCHS Adobe Digital Media Academy at Middle Creek High school.
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Perseverance through challenges
Please provide any other comments you feel may be valuable in helping identify if the student will be successful in this program.
Both Middle Creek High School Academies are four (4) year programs that require successful completion of specific courses and several work-based learning experiences, including an internship. These requirements must be met for completion of the Career Academy. Students must commit to being a student in the Career Academy for 4 years. Placement in a Middle Creek High School Career Academy is a privilege and requires a great deal of self-motivation and dedication.
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