LGBTQ+ Social Justice Leadership Institute Application
LGBTQ Allyship believes that in order to build strong communities we must have strong leaders. We are now accepting applications for our six-month LGBTQ+ Social Justice Leadership Institute. Our goal is to build and train 10-12 LGBTQ+ social justice grassroots leaders around LGBTQ+ housing justice & equity. Leaders will become familiar with public speaking, event planning, story-collecting for advocacy, advocacy skills, mobilization, community organizing skills, grassroots fundraising and an intersectional analysis around LGBTQ+ housing justice & equity.

Applications are due at 12pm on Friday, May 6. If you have any questions or would like support filling out this application, please contact Community Facilitator Denechia Powell at or 206.428.1986.

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We are looking for:

1. LGBTQ+ community members age 16 & up who are committed to anti-oppression & anti-racist values
2. A commitment of six months
3. Ability to volunteer 5-7 hours a month
4. Ability to attend orientation, workshops & trainings (some exceptions allowed)
5. An open mind and a willingness to learn

MANDATORY DATES (all Saturdays except orientation)
Wednesday, May 11, 6-8pm - Orientation

May 21, 10am-3pm - Training: LGBTQ+ Economic Justice & Seattle labor standards
Workshop: Intro to Allyship's Storytelling Project

June 4, 10am-3pm - Training: LGBTQ+ housing equity & safety/What are the HALA recommendations & why are they important to LGBTQ+ low-income communities?
Workshop: Speaking in Public/Speaking to the Media

July 16, 10am-3pm - Training: How does LGBTQ+ housing equity impact LGBTQ+ homelessness?/2016 Housing Levy - Why is it important to LGBTQ low-income communities?
Workshop: What is grassroots advocacy & how to talk to elected officials

August 20, 10am- 3pm - Training: What is LGBTQ+ equitable development? History of housing in Seattle from a race and LGBTQ+ perspective.
Workshop: What is a community-based research project and why is it important to LGBTQ+ marginalized communities?

September 10, 10am-3pm - Training & workshop TBA

October 22, 10am-3pm - Training: What is rent control and why is important to LGBTQ+ communities?
Workshop: How to organize a direct action & why actions are important to achieve advocacy goals

Tuesday, August 23 - Game night/Potluck
Wednesday, November 2 - Graduation celebration

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