2019 Internship Program Application
Internship Program Description
The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences (HCIFS) appreciates your interest in our internship program. The HCIFS Internship Program is rigorous and comprehensive practical forensic science immersion for students. Interns work under the guidance of our professional forensic scientists in our integrated medico-legal setting. The internship program is designed to focus and develop analytical skills and enhance the professionalism of future forensic scientists and auxiliary specialists. The HCIFS Internship Program offers a limited number of positions, is competitive, and accepts only the most qualified applicants.

Before applying, please review all program expectations and application requirements. Only complete application packages are reviewed.

· Maintain exemplary attendance and strict adherence to internship program schedule
· Maintain effective oral, written, and electronic communications
· Perform inter-agency rotations in various forensic science divisions
· Participate in professional development sessions
· Submit written progress reports
· Undergo periodic evaluation by a mentor
· Complete internship project(s)
· Deliver a final presentation to HCIFS managers and staff

The summer internship session is a 10-week, full-time program. Start and end dates are specified in acceptance letters. Please inquire about the start dates for each semester.

For questions about the internship program and more details, please visit the HCIFS Internship website at https://ifs.harriscountytx.gov/Pages/Internships.aspx. Or, contact HCIFS Training and Development Manager, Jasmine Jefferson, M.S., Jasmine.Jefferson@ifs.hctx.net, (832) 927-5232. Or, the Quality Management Division, IFSQualityManagement@ifs.hctx.net, (832) 927-5008.

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