Defender's Quest 2 Testing Volunteer Application
Defender's Quest 2 is now open for testing. However, the game is still in very rough shape.

If you are already an alpha or beta preorder backer (or above), you are entitled to early build access with no obligation to test. Just email us at mentioning your order status, we'll look it up and connect you with your access key.

For prospective testing volunteers:

If you just want to play the game early for fun, testing is NOT for you. Early builds are rough, broken, and boring. The early builds will also look and sound like garbage as they'll be chock full of placeholder assets. It's like a house under construction, it will look like a giant mess right up until it's finished, and until then it's got pointy bits sticking out everywhere.

But if you're okay with all that AND you are happy donating some of your time to help us out, and you don't mind following small rules, then we'd be happy to give you an early peek in exchange for your time and efforts.

We'll need your email to send you an access key, and your agreement to the rules. Your discord and forum username would be convenient for giving you access to private discussion channels, but that's optional.
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I will make a good faith effort to put in at least a few hours of solid testing & provide useful reports and/or feedback *
I will not stream, record, tweet, screencap, youtube, blog, or in any other way publicly share stuff from the the early build of the game without specific permission from the devs *
I will not sell or trade my early build steam key *
I will be a helpful and nice person and not cause trouble :) *
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