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Teams, Roles & Responsibilities
Administration Team
Ensures administrative functions required for the Women’s Fellowships are managed and coordinated in a timely and effective manner.
• Records Creative Team meeting minutes
• Sends meeting reminders and informational emails (Creative Team and subgroups as applicable)
• Coordinates vendors
• Coordinates schedule for Women’s ministry tables for fellowship events
• Collects and summarizes data
• Sends thank you f/u emails after fellowships and meetings as applicable.

Grace Touch Team
Initiates connection and engagement with FBCG women.
• Available to ladies in the G-Lounge, Sanctuary, and Overflow spaces
• Approaches in a discreet but intentional manner.
• Has a friendly, cheerful, favored and blessed disposition
• Exemplifies the spirit of loving with ease and comfort

Registration Team
Ensures there is a record of attendance for all ladies participating in the fellowships.
• Provides check- in upon the ladies’ arrival
• Checks- in first timers (and offers first timers gift)
• Checks-in VIPs and pairs VIP with greeter to escort them to appropriate place (Green room, sanctuary, etc.)

Greeter Team
Welcomes all guests and ensures they move through the defined flow/pattern until the start of the fellowship.
• Greets ladies as they enter the sanctuary
• Greets ladies as they enter the church
• Serves as hallway/lobby hostesses (promotes movement to G-Lounge)
• Ensures back door to sanctuary is used for guests, speakers, program staff, etc. only
• Escorts VIPs from check in to appropriate place (Green room, sanctuary, etc.)

Food and Beverage Team
Responsible for the provision of refreshments for the fellowships as defined by the Creative Team.
• Sets up food/beverage stations
• Ensures appropriate, enticing display of food/beverage
• Applies decorations to food stations
• Maintains neat and clean food/bev stations
• Disassembles display – takes down or removes unused food

Usher/Escort Team
Responsible for appropriate seating of all the fellowship attendees.
• Places reserved seating signs in designated seats prior to start of fellowship
• Ensures adequate and appropriate seating for VIPs, program participants, and others
• Escorts VIPs to designated seat(s)
• Directs church leaders (Mothers, deaconesses, ministry leaders) to designated seats
• Opens choir stand and overflow room(s) at appropriate time

Decorations Team
Responsible for creating a setting/environment (by decorating) that is consistent with the Fellowship theme.
• Decorates lobby, sanctuary in accordance with Creative Team design
• Makes available and sets up items for stage
• Removes tables and decorations after fellowship
• Provides decorations to Food and Beverage Team for use at nourishment stations

Volunteer Team
Ensures coverage for all team functions; fills in as needed.
• Team members will be notified by lead of need to serve on an as needed basis.
• This volunteer group will serve as ‘backup’ to other teams as needed. The volunteer group may also have specific duties depending on the program needs (e.g stuffs bags)

Red Coats
• Observes and monitors assigned team operations for unexpected needs.
• Serves as the runner for the assigned team when unanticipated needs arises.

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