Fur-Eh! 2019 Christmas Party Potluck
One of the highlights of The Fur-Eh! Christmas Party (on Saturday December 21, 2019) is the potluck dinner! We hope you'll consider contributing!

If you bring a dish to the potluck, you get to eat before those that don't! Please keep in mind that your dish should be plentiful enough so as to feed 20 to 30 people (small portion sizes). We also recommend that you arrive at the Xmas Party between 5:00 and 5:30pm if at all possible so that there is time to reheat your food (if required) and to place it in our buffet area.

This year, there will be a limit to the number of people that will be permitted to bring items to the potluck dinner. This will ensure that there is still a good amount of food, but less waste and easier for us to organize.

The dinner will be served at around 6:30 at the latest.

There will be a full kitchen on site that will allow us to reheat items as required. If you need to cook or prepare anything, please bring your own pots/pans, etc and be sure to label them so that we know who they belong to.

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This can be your actual name or your furry name. Whatever name you provide here will be the name we put on the tag for your dishes (if you choose to be identified).
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You can bring one or more of the below by checking off any that apply. Note that Fur-Eh! will be serving turkey as one of our main courses this year. If you wish to bring other main courses, please make sure it's not turkey. There will be a limit of the number of people permitted to bring each type of item and once the quota is filled, the category will be removed from the below list. Please do not bring any beverages (alcohol or non-alcoholic).
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You will receive an email within 2 weeks of the Christmas Party to confirm what you are bringing.
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