Submit a Community Goal
This is the latest (as of 29/05/2018) form used to submit community-created Community Goals (CG).

Please read and familiarise yourself to the terms and conditions on Community Goal submissions.

IMPORTANT: Rules of Submission
• All submissions are to be in ENGLISH only.

• Please do not re-submit the same Community Goal submission repeatedly; once is enough. Ensure what you submit is correct.

• If you want to submit multiple types of Community Goals, please make a separate submission per Community Goal.

• All fields in the Community Goal submission form are to be filled out in full. If an input is not relevant to your Community Goal, type in "N/A".

• All submissions are considered 'pending' unless otherwise stated by Frontier Developments.

• Not all Community Goals can be accepted and incorporated into the game. Your submission needs to be realistic regarding content, objectives, and rewards.

• Frontier Developments will only provide feedback on approved Community Goals. Due to the high volume of submissions, we cannot provide feedback on every Community Goal submission.

• Any forms of harassment, threats, or behaviour deemed unsavoury to employees of Frontier Developments will result in your Community Goal to be rejected, and all future Community Goals to be rejected.

• Frontier Developments reserves the right to modify or decline your submission as they see fit.

• Frontier Developments own the copyright of any text, characters, and situations used in-game.

• Frontier Developments has the FINAL SAY on your submission, its status, and so forth.

• Frontier Developments will select Community Goals they feel are applicable based on content, objective, rewards of the Community Goal, and how it fits in with the narrative of the game at that time.

The Process
All player-submitted Community Goals will be treated in the following manner:

1. You or another commander submits the Community Goal via this form.

2. All submitted Community Goals are then added to the player-submitted 'Community Goal pool.'

3. On scheduling a player Community Goal, members of the CG Dev team will evaluate submitted Community Goals and select a Community Goal that is most relevant at the time (based on the content, objective or rewards of the Community Goal, and how it fits in with the narrative of the game, for example.)

4. If your Community Goal is selected, a member of the CG Dev team will be in touch (via the forum). A forum thread will be created for your Community Goal submission, where a developer will discuss the details of the Community Goal should they need to be changed, edited and to let you know it's coming!

5. You will be able to share your thoughts, on the Community Goal, with a CG Dev team and then based on the discussions, the CG Dev team will build the Community Goal and incorporate it into the game on the dates discussed.

6. The CG Dev team will keep you up to date if there are any issues with the approved Community Goal.

7. Once the Community Goal has gone live, the CG Dev team will be in touch if any rewards are outstanding and to let you know when these will appear in-game.

8. The forum thread for that Community Goal will then be closed. After this, please don't contact the CG Dev team concerning this or additional Community Goals via Private Message.

If you have any questions, you can consult the following forum thread:

Privacy Policy
You can only continue with the submission process, if you agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Community Goal Submission System and the Frontier Developments Privacy Policy. Please read our Privacy Policy and confirm that you agree:
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