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Welcome to Professor Stein's 603 class at Touro College. Most find it an exciting, creative, worthwhile and engaging experience.

Please complete this form AFTER you have created your course specific gmail account.
This course specific gmail account will NOT be used for email but for other course related purposes.

Details for your course specific gmail account follow:
Create a gmail account in the form touro(firstletterfirstnamelastname)@gmail.com NO SPACES OR CAPITAL LETTERS
An example for John Doe would be tourojdoe@gmail.com
During the creation process at gmail you will be asked to supply an alternate email address.
PLEASE ENTER abriteguy@aol.com
In this way I will automatically receive confirmation that your account was created.

To create a new gmail account please go to www.gmail.com and choose "Sign-up for Gmail"

The reason for this NEW account is that it will allow you to create a course specific e-portfolio teaching website. You will also be able to save assignments to Google Documents, Create Online Forms and SO MUCH MORE.....

Please note that you will be asked to supply the password to this new account in the form below.
I request the password so that if necessary I can go into this account and assist you during the course
Please complete the form below ASAP.

If a form does not appear below please copy the web address below into a browser:

Professor Stein

Please note that upon student responses to this form I will be setting up an individual class "z" number which will identify your assignment file submissions. Your student "z" number will be available on our class site (Currently Under Construction) located at touroweb.webhop.org. The site will be ready the day before our class starts. Your textbook(s) will be available at course start.
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