Trident Owners Association - New Privacy Policy
New legislation about the way we use the information you give us about yourself means we now have to ask your permission to use it in certain ways. We need all Members to answer the questions below please. Without your permission to contact you by post, we will not be able to send you your Trident News newsletter. It is pretty nonsensical in a small Association like ours, but in the wider consumer field the new rules really will help to protect peoples privacy. We must keep TOA within the law!

This form is also available in the members section of the TOA Website to complete on line, and save paper and postage!
What is your name please? *
Please give your first and last name below
How may we contact you in future? *
Please tick the boxes below which apply. If you don't agree to us contacting you by post, we will not be able to send you Trident News
What information can we include about you in the Members List? *
The TOA will keep a record of the information you gave us about yourself on your membership application. The Members List supplied to all members will in future only include the information you approve below. The membership list will be updated annually before the AGM in March each year, and details will be changed or removed at that point only. (We have to say this to comply with the new regs!). By ticking any of the boxes below you are confirming that we may include that item of information in the next Members List.
Thank you
By completing and submitting this form you will be sending your preferences to me, helping the TOA to comply with the new law and ensuring we can continue to send you your newsletter and to support your Trident ownership.

If you have any comments or queries on this form or would like to update any of your information on the present members list please use the space below.

Happy sailing all

Jon Reed Commodore
Use this space for comment or to update your information on the Members List
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