Leaders in Coral Reef Restoration Training Workshop - Application Form
• 22 March 2019: Deadline for applications
• April 15 - May 24 2019: On-line component of the training
• June 1 - 10 2019: Hands-on workshop in Praslin Island, Seychelles


This is a two-week intensive full-time 120 hours’ hands-on, in-water practical program. In addition to providing an experience on what is involved in coral reef restoration using the coral reef gardening concept, the workshop touches on basic principles of restoration ecology, current best practices for coral reef restoration, appropriate design and logistics.

The workshop will be divided into a series of classroom lessons and field activities. It will be coordinated by Dr Phanor H Montoya-Maya, Director and Founder of the NGO Corales de Paz and Research Associate to Nature Seychelles – the NGO responsible for the largest coral reef restoration project completed to date in the Indian Ocean: the USAID/UNDP-GEF-funded “Reef Rescue: Restoring Reefs in the Face of Climate Change”. The current Reef Rescue Project Technical Coordinators, Paul Anstey and Chloe Shute, will assist in training and logistics.

The sessions will be held at the Reef Rescuers, Centre for Ocean Restoration Awareness & Learning (CORAL) in Praslin Island, Seychelles, which is about 20 min flight from Mahe, the island capital. All field activities will be carried out on SCUBA diving equipment. This workshop will result in the first cohort of Coral Reef Restoration Leaders, a collaboration between Corales de Paz, the Noble Caledonia Charitable Trust and Nature Seychelles.


Before attending the workshop in the Seychelles, participants will be required to complete an online course in coral reef restoration presented by The Nature Conservancy’s Reef Resilience Network. Through this course, participants will learn critical background information on reef restoration best practices and have the opportunity to discuss concepts with peers and course mentors who are experts in the field. The online course runs from April 15 – May 24th, 2019, and will include the following lessons:


This workshop targets community leaders and reef practitioners from the Western Indian Ocean region (Comoros, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mayotte, Mozambique, Reunion Island, Seychelles, Somalia, South Africa and Tanzania) who are working or plan to work on coral reef restoration in their home countries; people that don’t have the resources to pay for such training but are committed to coral reef conservation. The objective is to build capacity for people living in the WIO region and to improve coral reef conservation efforts at a local and national scale in the region. For application, applicants must mention how they will apply the knowledge and skills gained in their home reefs. A product of the training program is a draft proposal of a project the applicant would like to undertake back home.

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