Олимпиада "Сәләт-Олимп" по английскому языку для 6 класса
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Task 1
Choose the right answer
1. My ____ is a writer and his books are very popular *
2. Cathy ____ a game on her computer at the moment *
3. Paul is very ____. He doesn’t go out a lot *
4. ____ you like to come out with us tonight? *
5. Dad’s ____ work right now. He’s a teacher *
6. Did you ____ shopping after school yesterday? *
7. Turn ____ and you’ll see the museum on the left *
8. The beach was very crowded ____ Monday *
9. I ____ the new Batman film yet. Is it any good? *
10. Tom got the ____ marks in the class for his homework *
Read the text and decide if each sentence is True or Falsе
1. It is unusual for visitors to visit the villages near Hartbridge *
2. The Hugo family allows people to visit their current home *
3. The leaflet advises visitors not to spend all day at Camberwell Court *
4. You can hire small boats from the bridge in Hidcot *
5. You can take the bus directly to ‘The Boat’ pub near Hidcot *
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