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An extended program combining Level 2 Vocal Musicianship study with an exploration of vocal improvisation's application to the inner life, nature connection, ritual, groups, healing and the sacred, taught by Briony Greenhill.
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During these courses and retreats it works best to have a space that is free of alcohol and drugs. Therefore we ask you kindly to not drink alcohol or use drugs whilst you are taking part. Thank you.
Please be aware that strong emotions can sometimes come to the surface through this work. However, this is not therapy, Briony is not a trained therapist, and assistants and their qualifications vary. A safe space is created, and vocal improvisation is a technique for healing and personal development. So while healing, tribal healing and personal development can be outcomes of these musical retreats, this is not therapy and Briony is not a therapist.
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Process of Approval
We will review your application and be in touch soon. Thank you for your application. If you have any questions please contact
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