Team Brazil 2018 Jerseys
The Araras are gonna fly over Florence, and it's gonna be gorgeous! We thank you all so much for helping Team Brazil represent our Impávido Colosso at IQA World Cup 2018. The funds raised with this jersey sale will be applied to reduce our players' travel costs and to help develop quidditch in Brazil. This piece of work was designed by Ananda Sander, ABRQ's council member and winner of our jersey contest, and will be worn by the Araras at IQA World Cup 2018.

A jersey will cost you 120 BRL (approximately 30 EUR or 36 USD). Cases in which shipping costs are applied, an extra fee of 150 BRL (approximately 36 EUR or 45 USD) will be charged. A final invoice with payment details will be sent to the e-mail address submitted through this form.

To confirm your order, it is necessary to proceed with payment via PayPal up to 2 work days after the invoice was sent.

Collecting options are:
- Pick up personally during the IQA World Cup 2018, in Florence (no extra costs)
- Pick up personally in Rio de Janeiro, at a quidditch (no extra costs)
- Shipping to an address outside of Brazilian territory (150 BRL - approx. 36 EUR or 45 USD)

Important note: jersey will be shipped between the months of May and June.


# Group orders:

An option to save some money in shipping costs is to make a group order. To submit a group order, you must:
1. Make a list with the participants' names
2. Email with:
1. Participants' names list
2. A single delivery address for all the jerseys
3. All group participants must fill this form and select the option 'Group order'. Each of them will receive an invoice including the jersey price and their equally divided share of the shipping costs.

We are available to answer your questions at

Brooms Up, Brasil!

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