Navigating Conflict with Creative Thinking
Register interest to join our next workshop on Wednesday 6th December in Melbourne

In the morning we will use the Leading out of Drama (LOD) model to learn new skills for coping positively with conflict - any time there is a gap between where we are and where we want to be.

Positive conflict uses the energy of conflict to create healthy outcomes, without the costs and damage to relationships that occur when we deal with conflict negatively.

You can read more about LOD here

In the second part of the day we will creatively solve problems by working through practical examples and applying Design Thinking methodolgy.

If you are a Design Thinking novice then this workshop will help deepen your understanding of the approach and it's tools to build your fluency and comfort with this rapidly growing method.

Using the skills of Compassionate Accountability and Design Thinking approach to complex problems, you will leave the day more effective as a leader, team member and individual.

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