Midland Public Schools: Fundraiser Request for Approval: 2020-21
Fill out the form below including all details requested. Approval from a building administrator prior to submitting this form is required (and is to be documented in the appropriate section below.) You will receive a notice of approval or denial via. e-mail from the Associate Superintendent of Finance and Human Resources within one week of submission. An approval will be accompanied by an authorization number that will be required on the financial (profit/loss) report. Direct any questions to BrutynBR@midlandps.org or 989-923-5078.
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Note: Crowdfunding campaigns must meet strict compliance guidelines as described in MPS Board Policies #6605 and #AG6605. Before submitting a request for a crowdfunding campaign, you must read the aforementioned policies. (https://go.boarddocs.com/mi/midp/Board.nsf/Public?open&id=policies) *
Note: Lottery/Raffles/50-50 events require a license from the State of Michigan. Before submitting a request for an event of this nature, read the state requirements at the following link: https://www.michigan.gov/cg/0,4547,7-111-34702---,00.html *
Briefly explain the fundraiser (what will be sold and how the fundraiser will be carried out.) *
Are start-up funds required? If so, list the amount and where the funds will be ascertained from (account name and #):
If using a vendor, provide the name, web address, and contact information:
Does your group need to sign a contract with a vendor? *
Account name and # that funds will be deposited in to. Note: Contact the building Office Professional in charge of finance for account numbers. *
Anticipated amount of profit (List in USD: $0.00 format):
Explain in detail the intended use of funds raised. Note that funds may NOT be used for any purpose other than what is described in this section. *
Describe the method of collecting, securing, and documenting sales/receipt of funds: *
Building Authorization #1: List the name of the administrator that has approved this fundraiser request: *
Building Authorization #2: List the date that approval from the administrator was obtained:
I agree to the following terms: (Note: All items must be checked to receive authorization.) *
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