ACE Teaching Innovation Fund Grant Application 2020
Please click on the link below to learn more about the the Teaching Innovation Fund:

Applications are due on March 15th, 2020

Questions? Please reach out to
TIF Grant Summary
ACE’s Teaching Innovation Fund grants are for requests of up to $3,000. Grants should be designed to enhance, but not duplicate, the standard public school curriculum. We look for creative ideas that fall outside the ordinary school budget and promise to augment the curriculum or further the district goals in a meaningful way.

Applicants may apply as individuals or as teams.

Examples of what ACE’s Teaching Innovation Fund supports:

-Projects that focus on traditional academic subjects, visual and performing arts, engineering and technology, social/emotional learning, and more

-Programs for enrichment, interdisciplinary study, emerging technologies, and the promotion of multicultural and community learning experiences

-New program design and planning, including support for technical assistance or consulting services

-Projects that demonstrate partnerships between and among teachers, schools, and disciplines

-Adaptations of existing programs for another grade level

-Replication of a successful program at a different school

-Books or equipment as a new addition to the curriculum or an innovative enhancement to existing programming

-Professional development for new programs or innovative teaching methods

Please see here for more information about guidelines, including what ACE does not fund:

Please see here for the criteria ACE uses to evaluate the grant applications:

If your project is approved for funding, we will request a summary of the impact of the project. Please see here for more information:
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Please insert the email address for your principal or supervisor so that he or she can approve this application. Please let your supervisor know that they will receive an email asking them to read and approve your application and encourage them to respond as soon as possible. (If they don't see the email, encourage them to check their spam folder.) *
Please describe the proposed project and the expected outcomes. What is the number of students and/or teachers who will benefit? How will you measure impact? How will you share project with other educators? *
Please describe how this grant meets the criteria of the ACE Teaching Innovation Fund. ( *
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Project Timeline: Please document a brief summary of your project's timeline, from planning to implementation to reflection and learning. *
Project Budget: Please list the amount requested. *
Budget Detail: Please provide a brief explanation of the funding needs and include an itemized list of all costs for speaker, guest performer, training, consultant, equipment, materials, etc. and include when appropriate, photocopy of catalog page, price list or other documentation of cost. Please include likely future expenditures linked to this project (e.g. maintenance, parts replacement, professional development, etc.) including timeframe. *
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