2021-2022 Hilhi Marching Band & Color Guard Registration
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Band Program Fees
The band program fees are applied toward the band’s operating expenses year round (September-August). Programs and activities which are supported through the band program fees include but are not limited to: marching season, concert band, symphonic band, jazz band, winter percussion, parades, competitions, and other band related activities. Scholarships are available should a family require assistance in paying the required band program fees. A scholarship application is located on the band website. The application can be submitted to the Band Director or the HBBA board and will be kept confidential.

*** Hillsboro School District Activity Fee – Do not confuse HBBA Band Program Fees with the HSD Activity fee of $150. This is a district imposed fee that is due and payable to HSD upon registration in the fall. Please contact the Activity Director at Hilhi for terms of payment and/or a low-income waiver.
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