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IT IS NOW A REQUIREMENT FOR ALL TEAMS TO HAVE A MINIMUM OF 7 PLAYERS REGISTERED [NAME, EMAIL, MOBILE AND DOB] The league MUST have at least the full details of two team captains for a team to participate. [Full data MUST be provided by your second game, and can be updated during the season]
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We would be interested in playing in the Iberian Cup in Madrid in October 2017. 2/3 nights, hotel/flight/tournament package - €299 approx [€350 with Real Madrid match ticket if available] *
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There is a €100 annual membership fee per team due at the start of every year. This is due on the 1st January, but will be waivered for ALL teams that keep their payments and team data up to date.
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These are all available at our website and on request. [And link below]
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If you have any further queries, or requests, please add them in here, AND, email the request to us at
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Once you submit this form you will be brought to a link to our SHOP Registration Page where you can pick vouchers to the amount to the be paid and pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or Paypal. If you fail to do this, your slot will not be secured, although you will still be invoiced for the registration.

The league will cover the merchant costs for the transactions, but we do request that you utilise Laser/Debit/Credit card where you can, as merchant fees for Paypal cost the league substantially more.

Registration Terms
1) Existing teams have until 15th May 2017 to secure or change their slot.
2) Existing teams must have deposit of €150 paid by 15th May 2017 to hold their slot.
3) 7 days before the season starts, any remaining or unsecured slots and times will be open to:
i) Existing teams looking for a transfer.
ii) NEW APPLICATIONS that have preregistered
iii) New teams that have not preregistered.
4) Deposit or Full payment must be received by dates set out in the season's rules.
5) Existing teams that miss the registration dates, will be moved to any other slot available.
6) Where a new team applies for an existing league, and no slot becomes available, they will be placed in a league as close as possible that has available slots. They will not be obligated to take the slot, but will have 48 hours to confirm it.

The system is automated, and payments are being collected by a third party, so we cant prioritise any teams, existing or new.

League fees carry a VAT charge, which is included.

The league holds the right to reject any existing or new team application to the leagues without having to give reason or enter communication.
Registration to our leagues is a binding contract with a €150 non-refundable deposit, whether it is paid for or not at the time.

The league carries NO injury insurance, and it is advised that all your players take out their own insurance. We comply with the requirements to have public liability insurance. Should you wish to get a quote for your players, or team, please contact us at and we will put you in touch with our broker.

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