FBL 2020 Panel/Event Application [EN]
Fill this application if you want to host a panel or an event during the FBL 2020. All applications will be studied by the staff of the FBL. If your application holds our interest, we will contact you shortly using the address you need to fill in. This address is only collected for this one purpose.

Please note that panels/events held in English will be preferred over those held exclusively in French. By completing this form, you agree to hold your panel/event if it is retained and to notify the Events Staff of the FBL as soon as possible if you have an impediment. All panel slots are 1 hour long, multiple slots can be reserved for longer panels/events, depending on avalaiblility.

Any question about your application ? Mail us at : events@fblacklight.org

Please keep in mind that panel/event hosts are in charge of any special equipment or furniture needed to properly host their panel/event. The FBL can only provide tables and chairs for the panel rooms.
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Please use the nickname you gave us during your FBL 2020 registration.
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Your badge number must be filled in, it must be valid and it must be your FBL 2019 attendee number. You must register for FBL 2020 to apply.
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Is this a panel or an event ? *
Panel : usually for a few dozens of people in a standard panel room, may be a workshop or a Meet & Greet. Event : usually for a hundred of people, may be a show or a gameshow held in the Mains Stage.
What is the name of your panel/event? (be short, precise and meaningful) *
It will be used to name your panel/event in the conbook.
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Describe your panel/event in a few words: *
It will likely be used as material in the conbook to describe your panel/event.
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Do you already have an idea on how much people your panel/event will attract ? *
This can help us prepare the room appropriately for your panel/event.
How long will be your panel/event? *
As we have a limited number of slots, we can not guarantee that panels/events that need multiple slots to be held are all accepted.
Can you guarantee that you will be able to hold your panel/event in english language ? *
This question can be used to decide between panels in case of high attendance.
Do you have a preference on the day of your panel? *
Please note that this question is for guidance only and that in the event of high attendance, we will probably not be able to satisfy everyone.
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