Adoption Application
Please contact Vicky Arnold, our Adoption Coordinator, at 315-697-2796 ext. 103 to set up your adoption appointment or to follow up on your adoption application!

The primary goal of Wanderers' Rest Humane Association is to ensure that every animal in our care is adopted into a lifelong, compatible, loving, safe, and healthy home.

Please give our staff two business days to process your application. At times staff will need additional time to contact your landlord or veterinary hospital for reference. To ensure a smooth application process please make sure both your landlord and veterinary hospital are aware that one of our representatives will be contacting them.

All animals adopted from Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association are current on vaccinations, deworming, flea treatment, have been spayed/neutered, have been microchipped, will be sent with a free veterinary visit, and an adoption kit. All adopters are offered the gift of 30 days free pet insurance through 24PetWatch!

Forms not completely filled out will be rejected.

Adoption Application Process

1. Pets are deemed adoptable once they are considered healthy, eight weeks or older, over two pounds, current on vaccines/medical care, and all dogs must have passed a behavior evaluation.
2. The adoption application must be filled out completely.
3. No adoption is guaranteed. The WRHA staff will select the applicant who best matched with a specific animal. Should each applicant be suitable, staff will start with the first approved application. The applicant will be given 48 hours to arrive and take care of the adoption paperwork and payment. If the first application falls through, staff will process the next applicant.
4. Landlord checks: If an applicant has a landlord or lives with the owner of the home, staff will ask for a notarized letter from the landlord. Staff may call and speak with the landlord in lieu of a notarized letter.
5. Veterinary checks: Applicants who currently have pets or have had pets in the past three years must provide the name and number of their current or past veterinarian. Staff will call and verify that their pets are current on vaccinations and that the owner has not failed to care for their pets in the past.
6. Computer checks: All applicant names are run through PetPoint. Over the years, WHRA staff has compiled a list of prior applicants who have been declined. Declined applications are open for discussion and further review by the Adoption Coordinator and Shelter Manager.

Holding Period and Paperwork

1. Approved applicants will be given 48 hours to come in and finish paperwork and take care of payment.
2. If an applicant fails to show up after the hold period has expired staff will call the individual to let them know that the hold has expired and that staff will be placing the animal back up for adoption. The approved applicant is welcome to come in at a later date, but should be advised to call prior to check on the status of the animal.
3. WRHA staff will not accept “deposits” on any animal. Payment is expected in full at the time of the adoption.

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Thank you for your application!! We will reach out to you once it is reviewed.
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