Hawai'i Workers Do you feel Safe? Anonymous Survey
This is an anonymous survey for all employees/workers: healthcare workers (maintenance staff, physicians, nurses, PAs, techs), teachers and school workers, hospitality, janitorial, firefighters, police, aides, travel workers, airport workers/TSA, and all workers potentially exposed to Covid-19 across the islands of Hawai'i. By answering these questions, we can better advocate for cohesive and safe work place policies for you.

The goal is to work together, as an alliance between employees/workers, employers, schools, hotels, hospitals/clinics, the state/county, DOH and all parties to implement positive change.

With aloha,
HI Covid-19 Community Task Force
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1. Do you feel safe working at your facility with the current PPE policy?
2. Do you feel that your choice of PPE is being supported and approved by your workplace?
3. Are you allowed to wear your own PPE if it is a higher level protection PPE than the facility provides?
4. Are you concerned with the possibility of insufficient PPE leading to others contracting COVID-19?
5. Are there any procedures at your workplace that you believe pose a high or unjustifiable risk of infection, either to you or cross infection to another person? If so, please select "Yes" and describe under "other"
6. Do you feel that there are administrators who are keeping you or your colleagues from following your facility’s PPE policy?  
7. Do you wish to be tested for Covid-19?
8. Have you been denied testing of Covid-19?
9. Do you feel there are barriers to getting tested for Covid-19 as a HCW? (please describe under "other")
10. If not already in place, would you like to have access to facilities to sanitize yourself (eg shower) or your garments worn in a medical setting before departing from your workplace?
11. Do you feel supported in obtaining a place to sleep, away from your family, if you are concerned about Covid-19 infection and transmission?
Do you feel your workplace is transparent with information regarding COVID-19?
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