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Thank you for your interest in working with us at Ghostlight Coffee!  We are always looking for quality people that have the desire to work as a Ghostlight barista. The Barista job description is below.  If you feel you are qualified for this position & will make a great addition to the Ghostlight Coffee team, please complete & submit the form that follows.

Main Job: Create fiercely loyal regular customers.

General: You will be responsible and accountable for learning, understanding, and following all rules and quality guidelines. While in the coffeehouse all employees will conduct themselves in a manner that represents our company values and will follow all established guidelines.

Customer Service: All Staff members will provide exceptional customer service. This will include greeting customers, sharing coffee knowledge, problem solving and efficiently serving customers. Help make each customer feel like this is their coffeehouse by remembering names, drinks or pointing out features of the coffeehouse. The customer takes priority over all other projects. Always have a positive disposition when working with customers, even when you are not having the best day.

Coffee Quality: We will create a superior product for our customers. We must do our best to give our customer the drink he or she wants, if not exceeding their expectations.

Coffee Knowledge: Each employee is required to complete coffee training and continue learning about the coffees/products we offer.

Cash register: Employees must complete customer transactions on the cash register and credit card machine accurately, and enter amounts under the proper department.

Daily Tasks: Complete daily tasks, which include, but are not limited to, cleaning, stocking and organizing.

Schedule: Staff members must take responsibility for scheduled shifts which includes scheduling someone to cover shifts when you need time off. As a staff member you will be expected to show up consistently and be ready to begin working at the scheduled time. Ready to begin working is defined as personal belongings stored in the designated place, apron on and hands washed.

New Employees: New employees will have a 30 days probationary period with a review at the end of the 30 days.
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Ghostlight Coffee will hold onto your application for about a year.  Please submit it & let us know why you would be a great addition to the Ghostlight team!  
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