DataStax Accelerate Call for Papers
When you first started with Apache Cassandra or DataStax Enterprise, how invaluable was it to learn from your peers? Now is your chance to give back to the user community and share your own story. Everything from success to failure can make for a great talk and can have a real impact on other people and organizations.

Never given a talk, or not sure if you can? We have a long track record of helping new speakers organize a topic, and we offer free coaching to give you the confidence to tell your story. So, if you need help or just want to talk about your idea, feel free to reach out to us at
We’ve also put together these guidelines to get you started:

Not sure what to talk about? Here are some suggested topics to get you started:

- Building Customer Experience Applications
- Building Modern Enterprise Applications
- Getting Started with Cassandra
- Architecting for Modern Applications
- Deploying in the Cloud: Hybrid, Public, Private
- Succeeding with Operations and Administration
- Going Beyond Cassandra with Search, Analytics and Graph
- Looking to the Future
- Accelerating Transformation in the Public Sector

There are quite a few different approaches you can take with your submission. Here are a few ideas:

- Use cases - We built something amazing and here’s how we did it.
- Unique solutions - We had a tricky problem and came up with an awesome way to solve it.
- Lessons learned - Things didn’t go quite as planned, but here’s what we learned!

The call for papers will be open until February 15, 2019.

As soon as your talk is accepted your name and company will appear on the Accelerate website.

All speakers accepted will get a free pass to attend Accelerate!
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