Passageways to Elderhood Alliance (PEAL): Please let us know how PEAL can help you and how you and your organization will be involved? 
PEAL is just forming as an organization and we are gathering together organizations and individuals who are offering transformative passageways to elderhood. We will co-create an organizational structures and governance models that will work to support us all.

This form is a way to register your support and your interest in being an organizational or member of PEAL and signing up for upcoming events and activities with PEAL to promote the work of your organization in service to Elders.
If you need more context, visit our website at . Thanks! Please edit or add additional information as you know it.


We hold a vision of a culture that honors elders, where they are initiated into the roles of Elderhood and are valued for their contributions towards a thriving future for all. Further, we envision readily available, regenerative, multicultural and multi-generational programs and community rituals that honor, celebrate and support elders as they travel the many pathways to elderhood.


To realize the vision of an elder-honoring society, we are growing an alliance of organizations and individuals who are offering meaningful and conscious passageways to elderhood. This Alliance, working together, will support each other to develop needed programming and to outreach to a wider audience making passageways to elderhood more accessible for all.

Next Steps - Please join us.

We are organizing a series of joint activities to launch the Passageways to Elderhood Alliance and support the visibility and outreach of all participating organizations.

  1. Webinar series on Passageways to Elderhood in the New Year 2024 that highlights partner organizations and individuals offering Elder Passageways.

  2. Expand the PEAL membership. To build a more inclusive community we will continue to outreach to more Elder groups and grow our database.

  3. A working team of Alliance members will work to define Pathways to Elderhood Alliance structures and agreements. Your input is essential.

Yours, Constance Washburn, Elders Action Network (EAN) and the Work That Reconnects Network, Jerome Kerner, Emeritus Co-chair at Sage-ing International (SI), Raines Cohen, Aging in Community, Wende Love, Purpose Guides.  We are supported by younger Brie Costello, Purpose Guide and Elder in Training. 

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