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Adoption Fees (effective Sept 25, 2017) Altered puppies up to 1 year $715, Unaltered puppies up to 1 year** $515 , Altered dogs 1 year and older $475, Bonded pairs $600. All dogs over 1 year will come spayed/neutered. If a puppy is adopted and is unaltered, the adoption fee is an additional $200 deposit, which is refundable upon completion of spay/neuter. When you provide proof that your HelpAWS dog is altered, we will reimburse you the $200 deposit you submitted at the time of adoption. You will have 1 month after the dog is 6 months of age for it to be altered. Failure to do so, HelpAWS will consider the $200 as a donation and has the right to remove the dog from your care. Kittens 6 months of age or younger are $375. Kittens over 6 Months of age are $275. All Kittens are spayed/neutered prior to adoption
I understand that the adoption fee covers flight, Spay/Neuter in some cases, first vaccine (each additional vaccine is +$30), flea/tick, dewormer, health certificate and ministry export papers and import fee to Canada and the US. *
I understand that any misrepresentation of the above information authorizes HelpAWS to deny application, and/or reclaim the dog that is in my home. I acknowledge that HelpAWS cannot guarantee any animals against parasites, diseases or destructive behavior. HelpAWS can't guarantee the absence or presence of any breeds. I will not hold HelpAWS responsible, nor seek any compensation for damages, medical fees or other liabilities incurred by the pet I adopt. *
If for any reason, you can no longer care for your adopted pet, or you do not spay/neuter it by 7 months of age, the animal must be returned to HelpAWS. HelpAWS retains the right to remove an animal adopted from them that has been deemed abused, neglected, or found to be in a situation that may not be in the best interest of the animal. I hereby give permission for my Veterinarian to release information to HelpAWS on any pets that I have owned, alive or deceased.
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