Leadership Assessment
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Thanks for taking our assessment of your team's trust and clarity. Answer each question with the entire team in mind. We'll tally the scores for you and send you the results.
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How many are on the team that you are describing in the following questions?
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Do team members feel comfortable saying "No" when appropriate to a request from the leader and/or other team members? *
Do team members feel comfortable disagreeing with the leader or other team member in a meeting? *
Do team members feel comfortable making a decision on their own when necessary, trusting that other team members will support them? *
Do team members call out other team members or even the leader when others fail to meet agreed upon expectations? *
Do all team members feel safe from physical and verbal abuse? *
Are team members who disagree given a chance to fully share their concerns? *
Do team members assume the best about the motives of other team members? *
Do all team members care about the personal lives of others on the team? *
Do all team members share in creating the vision and/or the goals? *
Do all team members have a drive to move the team toward the vision every day? *
Are meetings interesting and end with specific actions assigned to specific people? *
Do all team members have a specific role to play on the team? *
Do all team members regularly give their best to the team? *
Do team members agree about what types of conduct are unacceptable? *
Does the team recognize regular milestones and celebrate the achievements? *
Are team members usually given tasks that fall into their strength? *
Do team members receive feedback and respond positively to it? *
Does the team leader know when to dictate and when to coach the team on specific actions? *
Can a team member step in for another team member without much performance loss? *
What changes would you make to this assessment to make it stronger?
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