GUTS! Volunteer Application
Thank you for your interest in being a GUTS! volunteer and mentor!

YAY-- You are in the right place. Please complete the below application.

If you have questions and would like to chat via phone or email, we're happy to talk with you!

Contact Jess, GUTS! Program Coordinator by email at or phone (406) 543-6691.

*Applications will be accepted on rolling basis and are due before training.

*Training is required, though a make-up training can be arranged with prior notice.

Fall dates TBA.

Action Group Facilitator Volunteer Position Description:

A leadership program of YWCA Missoula, GUTS! is a unique, community-based leadership and empowerment program designed by and for girls and young women*, ages 9 to 18.

Action Group Facilitators lead weekly Action Groups made up of girls* from Missoula’s elementary, middle and high schools. A GUTS! Action Group Facilitator must be a creative, caring, supportive, open-minded and dedicated person, committed to creating a safe environment for young people to discuss real issues in their lives. The facilitator supports the group participants in discovering their strengths, developing their leadership skills, and using their voices to activate positive community change. Plus, they must have a great sense of humor and be willing to have tons of fun!

*GUTS! is open to girls, women, gender diverse people or those who identify with girlhood/womanhood or feel they could benefit from leading a GUTS! group. We welcome non-binary, gender non-conforming, gender fluid, two-spirit, and transgender participants and volunteers.

*It is the YWCA Missoula's policy to not discriminate against any persons based on race, physical or mental disability, religion, national origin, sex, age, creed, physical condition, sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression.*

A facilitator must:
1. Make a commitment to volunteer for at least an entire semester (September—December; February-May) and preferably an entire year if beginning in the fall.
2. Participate in two evenings of Action Group Facilitator training via Zoom (2, 2 hour sessions).
3. Attend each scheduled once weekly GUTS! Group.
4. Attend monthly volunteer meetings if your schedule accommodates!
5. Be on time to all scheduled groups and meetings.
6. Come well prepared with activities, points of discussion, materials, etc.
7. Create a supportive, respectful, open, comfortable, and fun learning environment.
8. Keep in good communication with co-facilitator and GUTS! staff.
9. Keep attendance sheets and a brief description of main events, challenges, and successes of each group.
10. Fill out all evaluation forms provided and return to GUTS! staff by the end of each semester’s Action Group.

Other qualifications may include:
• Experience working with youth and/or curiosity and passion for supporting young people/girls.
• Knowledge of and/or interest in gender-based social issues and other social justice issues.
• Experience facilitating groups.
• Indoor skills (arts & crafts, music, dance, performance, etc.).
• Outdoor skills (biking, backpacking, survival skills, gardening, naturalist skills, etc.).

*COVID-19 Considerations
We are still awaiting for MCPS to release their updated policies for after-school groups.

There is still a need to continue hosting our program using Zoom. The virtual groups have been beneficial to help access participants who are homeschooled or have other special circumstances and could not otherwise attend in-person groups.

This means participants will join a group based on their schedule and age, versus their school. Some will have done GUTS! in person before, some will have participated in virtual groups during the previous school year and some will be brand new to the program!
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What can you offer the GUTS! program and its participants?
Do you have any experience working with youth or girls ages 9 to 18? If so, could you tell us about that experience?
What problems do you think young women and gender diverse people face today?
Tell us about something you’ve accomplished that makes you proud.
What work, if any, have you done in understanding and combating racism? In what ways has race impacted your life?
Public policy priorities for the YWCA Missoula include policies that confront bias at all levels in society. YWCA policies support a wide variety of rights including reproductive choice, freedom of sexual orientation, and the elimination of racism. Do these policies mesh or conflict with your personal values?
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