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The Purpose of Real Estate request is to reduce your overhead cost's by outsourcing work to Ennate Global Services (EGS),(Smart Managed Solutions-SMS) Noida, India.
We approach you for your Real Estate Needs for Fast, Quality,Time Delivery Services .

- Focussed on Commercial , Residential,Farm Houses in South Delhi,Noida, Greater Noida (India)
- Planned on Property Management(Buy,Sell,Rent/Lease)
- Servicing High Network Income(HNI) Individuals and Corporates
- Transparent Legal Assistance
- Refer Your Friends/ Colleagues/Subo-ordinates/Peers

Please Note: Our Specilization/USP's

1. Servicing Indian/NRI Clients through Power of Attorney's.
2. Legal Documentation of Properties(Will/Registery/GPA etc.).
3. Collaboration,Construction of Properties(Old and New at Reasonable Costs/Prices).
4. Six Sigma Methodolgy Approach towards every process of our work.

We request you to please fill & submit it for your requirements.

- Speedy Returns on your investment
- Minimum contract for 11 months with EGS
- Ready Backup plans
- Support of 100+ personalized target market data banks

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After you fill out this request, we will contact you to go over details and availability before the order is completed. If you would like faster service and direct information on current services and pricing, please contact us at (+91) (0120) 421-4442 or info@egsgroup.in.

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