Sport, Active Recreation or Play Event
This template is to provide information about any Sport, Active Recreation or Play events being provided in the community so they may be added to the Events and Active Taranaki calendar on the Sport Taranaki website.
Feel free to let us know about all the events your organisation has planned. However, please complete one form for each event.
Not all questions in the template are compulsory but the more information you can provide about your event or links to more information, will help our website visitors to be informed about what you have planned.

*Please note that Sport Taranaki takes no responsibility for incorrect information or links provided. We will do our upmost to clarify information if there seems to be a clear error but rely on information given to be true and correct in the first instance.
What type of Sport or Active Recreation activity is this event highlighting? ie: Swimming, Rugby, Mountain Biking, Running, Free Play etc *
What is the name of this event? *
What date/s will your event take place? *
What time will your event start & finish? *
At what location will this event take place? (Please provide full address details) *
What age group is this event for? *
Please write a short blurb about your event that provides more information: Include registration process, cost to enter, can spectators attend - entry fee, organiser name and phone number, how someone can find out more details and anything else you think might be helpful.
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