Biohacking Village at DEF CON 30 (2022): CFP Submissions
Talks should be bold, address problem(s) and provide solutions and/or resources for getting to an improved, more stable and resilient place.

The BHV CFP will close on Saturday, 30April, 2022 at 1159 US Eastern Time. CFP Notifications will go out on Saturday, 21May.

CFP review is as blind as we can possibly make it. Please do not include your name or any extremely identifying information in your abstract or we may disqualify you.

For more info on talk selection metrics:


THE BIOHACKING VILLAGE, a 501(c)3 organization, is uniquely poised to inform global conversations in health care cybersecurity research. Representing voices who see ‘code’ as genetics, ‘subroutines’ as organic processes, and ‘programs’ as life itself the BHV has grown to become an expansive and inclusive, hands-on playground for the entire biomedical ecosystem - patients, clinicians, hackers, manufacturers, regulators, hospital administrators, and others seeking healthier futures through meaningful technology. This nimble community delivers hands-on, strident learning labs to influence in health care, industry, and manufacturing.

*Code of Conduct*:
Biohacking Village talks and chat are moderated, and we have a zero tolerance policy on abuse, hate speech, and harassment. Violators will be removed from BHV and DEF CON platforms and potentially barred from future events. Please contact a moderator in Discord immediately with any concerns.
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