Union Members Stand United with Rep. Ilhan Omar
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Rep. Ilhan Omar is a fighter for working people who upholds her time as a union member with pride and continues to stand with unions, with working people, and with all who are oppressed.

Just a couple months into her first term as one of the first two Muslim women ever elected to Congress, Rep. Omar faces unprecedented attacks. Her statements and intentions are being purposely twisted in cynical and disingenuous ways to try to discredit and isolate her.

As union members we understand the importance of solidarity when our union siblings are under attack. The biggest enemies of working people and unions like Donald Trump and his followers -- who themselves are guilty of enabling violent antisemitism and white supremacy -- are stoking the attack on Rep. Ilhan Omar.

We unequivocally stand with Ilhan Omar against the Islamophobic smears being leveled at her for her outspoken views.

We denounce the despicable efforts of Republicans to label her a terrorist or connect her to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

We call on our fellow union members, on our unions, and on elected officials to stand with Ilhan against Republican efforts to pit Jews and Muslims against each other.

We #StandWithIlhan.

In Solidarity,

Minnesota Workers United (statement initiator)


Cherrene Horazuk President AFSCME 3800
David Gilbert-Pederson Rank and File Teamsters 120
Brad Sigal Secretary AFSCME 3800
Shane Clune Chief Steward AFSCME Local 2822
Brittany Anderson Field Director of Southeast ALC/member of IAM IAM Local 924
Adi Penugonda Executive Board Member AFSCME Local 3800
Dan Engelhart Senior Business Agent OPEIU LOCAL 12 (Mape staff)
Matt Plummer Contract Organizer, SEIU Local 284 Member of USW Local 7263-24
Jayne Mikulay Vice President AFSCME 2822
Claire Thiele Organizer Teamsters320
Gregory A. Cendana President, Can't Stop! Won't Stop! Consulting Member, National Writer's Union, UAW Local 1981
Sean Orr Member Teamsters Local 705
Andy Carhart Treasurer AFSCME Local 3800
Nate Gunderson Organizer NEA
Stephanie R Taylor Vice President, AFSCME 3800 AFSCME 3800
Richard Grossman member member AFTUniversity Professionals of Illinois Local 4100
Eric Salminen Organizer AFSCME 3800
Steff Yorek Trustee AFSCME 3800
Jill Jacobson Member MFT 59
Maggie Kilgo Executive Board Member AFSCME 3937
Alessandra Fuhrman President AFSCME 2822
Jacob G Littler Member AFSCME Local 66
Natalie Cherne Member MFT 54
Judy Bjorke Member MFT 59
Pia Payne-Shannon Educator MFT59
Kieran Knutson Steward CWA Local 7250
Mary Manor Member MFT59
Charli Haataja Steward CWA Local 7250
Alaric Hatton Steward CWA 7250
Adam Heenan Rank and File IL Organizers Union, Local 34071, TNG-CWA
Corinth Matera Member MFT59
Tamara Jones Member IUOE Local 70
Mary Kirsling Retired Minnesota Nurses Association
Ashley Northey Member TNG-CWA local 32007
Deborah Eide Member SPFE Local 28
Megan Troyer member MFT 59
Joel Sipress Member AFT-Wisconsin, Local 6514
Carrie Monroe Member at Large, Women’s Committee Co-Chair IATSE Local 13
Timothy meegan Faculty rep Mankato teachers association
Susan Kang Delegate Assembly, Executive Committee of John Jay College Chapter Professional Staff Congress/ AFT Local 2334
Kathleen Malecki Governmental Affairs Commissioner MN Nurses’ Association
Ana Vasquez Teacher MFT59
Theresa O’Halloran-Johnson ASFCME 66
Chad Perkins Secretary Treasurer CWA 7250
Jane Swatosh Steward MFT59
Kriss Hakala Member OPEIU
Nikki Villavicencio Member SEIU Healthcare
Laura Hundt President Minnesota Nurses Association Staff Organization
Tricia Ryshkus Tri-Chair Minnesota Nurses Association
Rebecca Gross Member LIUNA Local 363
Ryan Terpening Member MFT 59
Kevin Chavis Executive Board Member-At-Large AFSCME Local 34
Phillip Cryan Executive Vice President SEIU Healthcare Minnesota
Paul Sullivan Plumbers St Paul Plumbers Local 34
Kate Black Member MACE(AFSCME staff)
Shane Stewart Steward OPEIU Local 2
Nate Rastetter Grocery Receiver UFCW Local 1189
Nicole Masika Secretary AFSCME 3937
Janaya Martin Organizer AFSCME 3800
Marisha Leiblum Lead Organizer UNITE HERE Local 7
Amanda Greenhart Steward AFSCME 3800
Robert Francis Vice President AFSCME Local 3937
Dave Schneider Shop Steward Teamsters Local 512
Jigme Ugen Executive Vice President SEIU Healthcare Minnesota
Alanna Galloway Chief Steward CWA 7250
Carrie Graf Steward and Specialist MAPE 1602
Sarah Weitkuhn Member Minnesota Nurses Association
Andrew Peterson President AFGE Local 1969
Joanna DeLaune Member IBEW 292
Mick Kelly Steward Teamster Local 320
Dave Kamper Senior Business Agent Minnesota Association of Professional Employees
Jerry Carbo Member APSCUF
Jaime Veve (Retired) Transport Workers Union local 100 NYC (ret.)
Sheigh Freeberg Secretary-Treasurer UNITE HERE! Local 17
Geof Paquette Lead Organizer Unite Here Local 17
Maggie Kalda Organizer Unite Here Local 17
Edward Reynoso Political Director Teamsters Joint Council 32
Travis Albert Shop Steward NALC 2
Mary Stipetich Member MNA
Mueze Bawany School delegate/member Chicago Teachers Union Local 1
Jane Vega Member AFSCME 3800
Lee Gargagliano Member AFT Local 1078
Lance Lindeman Business Representative OPEIU Local 12 MN AFL-CIO General Board Member
David WinklerMorey Building steward Minneapolis Federation of Teachers
Lindsey Fenner Executive Board AFSCME Local 2822
Catherine Judge AFSCME Social Service Employees Union, Local 371
Tabitha Mitchell AFSCME 1842 Vice president
Leah Lindeman Organizing and Staff Director SPFE
Mark Randall Byland Member IBEW Local 300
Mary Smith-Johnson Member DFT 692
Rich Updegrove Delegate to the Duluth Central Labor Body Duluth Federation of Teachers (Local 692), Education Minnesota
Loretta VanPelt Special Education Assistant MFT 59 ESP Chapter
Sharla Gardner AFSCME Local 66 Retiree member AFSCME Local 66
Meredith Aby-Keirstead member Bloomington Federation of Teachers
Elle Meza Member ASFCME Local 34
Rabab Abdulhadi Rank and file member California Faculty Association, San Francicso State University
Kurt Kuehn Retired Steward AFSCME Council 5 & 6.
Kurt Kuehn Retired Steward AFSCME Council 5 & 6.
Joe Iosbaker Chief Steward, Chair of Election Committee SEIU Local 73
Aaron Gardner-Kocher Member at Large AFSCME 34
Kristine Mayle Member, former Financial Secretary Chicago Teachers Union, AFT Local 1
Jennifer Johnson Chief of Staff & Member Chicago Teachers Union Local 1
Shaun Laden President MFT 59 Educational Support Professionals
Jim Leuthner Rank and File Journeyman, Treasurer of Local PAC Carpenters Local 322
Miguel Bautista SEIU Local 73 member SEIU Local 73
Marybeth Seitz-Brown Organizer NewsGuild of New York CWA Local 31003
Devin Hogan Union Sector Rep OPEIU Local 12
Adam Flanders MFT MFT
Gladys McKenzie Field Representative (retired) AFSCME Council 5
Robert Panning-Miller Executive Board Member MFT 59
Susan Joy Broman 1st VP Education support professionals MFT59
Anna Brelje Staff Education Minnesota/TEMPO
Catina Neal 2nd Vice President, MFT59 Educational Support Professionals MFT59
Malcolm A. Wells Member At Large MFT 59 Educational Support Professionals
Caroline Hooper Steward MFT 59
William Inglis Member Campaign Workers' Guild
Dane Ryan Field Representative AFSCME Council 5 / MACE
Mark Snyder Member MAPE Local 301
Caroline Hooper Steward MFT59
Norma Dunning-Clune Rank and File Member Afscme Local 2822
Daniel Bettino Member SPFE Local 28
Nonie Kouneski Steward MFT
Ken Shain Member MFT
Kimberly Wolking Steward, Education Support Professionals MFT Local 59
Doreen McIntyre RN member Minnesota Nurses Association
Daniel Ginsberg-Jaecklw Steward Teamsters 705
Stacey Gurian-Sherman Member MFT Local 59 ESP Chapter
Natasha Dockter Steward MFT59
Rachel Jevne-See Member - MFT MFT local 59
John Traynor Rank and file member IBEW Local 191
Tammie Vinson Trustee CTU, AFT Local 1
Jason Sanders IJW IBEW L.U. 234
Scarlett Ahmed Council Leader New York Public Employees Federation
Anthony Maselli Delegate 1199SEIU
Melinda Schmidt Member AFSCME Local 2822
Dave Pinkham Member OPEIU Local 298
Ciaran Maguire JIW IBEW Local 617
Nathan Goldbaum Communications Specialist Chicago Teachers Union
William Armstrong Member Local One, IATSE
Anthony J Taylor Rank and File Teamsters 705
Jim Byrne Member Tucson Education Association
David Feldmann Member NALC Branch 9
Ben Fisher Organizer SEIU HC MN
Ahlam Muhtaseb CFA CSU Faculty
Gavin Walker Rank and File NTEU (Aus)
Marissa Bremer-Roark Member Teamsters 320
Amanda MacNeven Teacher Union member MTF59
Jackson Mann Rank and File Massachusetts Teacher Association, MCCC, BHCCPA
Thomas Sheehy Steward NTEU Chapter 72
Joni Ketter Director of Organizing NTEU
Wu Chen Khoo Member IATSE Local 13
Marcus Denton Rank and File CWA 6186 (TSEU)
Sumair Sheikh Education Minnesota Duluth Federation of Teachers 692
Ryan Pollock Apprentice, Acting Chair of Committee On Political Education IBEW Local 520
Isabelle Bartter Member Teamsters Local 118
CJ Bahan Rank & file ATU local 1005, Minnesota
José M. Enriquez Member, head of Young Guns committee, United Brotherhood of Carpenters, Local 1319
Shane James Member Prince George's County Educators' Association (PGCEA)
Brian Jennings Steward IATSE 28
Doug DePalma Member IEANEA HCAFA
Linda Gomaa Shop Steward FOUR
Wayne Heimbach Union Representative (Retired) SEIU Local 73
Isaias Garcia Member AFSCME 1624
Emily Penn Functional vice president and delegate CTU local 1
Tim Goulet Shop steward Teamsters Local 810
Jorge Mujica Co-chair Chicago chapter UAW Local 1981
Brian Parkman Member SEIU Local 521
Morgan H. Rank and File Member IATSE #13 and TC IWW/GDC
Margarita Padin Journeyperson UBC 158
Patrick Jones Member AFSCME 1624
Brian Thorbjornsen Steward AFSCME Local 66
Brian Beallor Collective Bargaining Specialist NEA
Akunna Eneh Member BPLPSA
Benton Crane Member IAMAW District 751-A
Dylan Bordell Trustee APWU Lehigh Valley
Maxine Maxon VP SEIU HCMN
Greg Butterfield Member National Organization of Legal Service Workers, UAW Local 2320
Geoffrey Meldahl Rank & File Ironworkers 704
wendy ordway IBEW Local 99
David Graf Secretary-Treasurer Twin Cities Musicians Union, Local 30-73 AFM
Michelle Sola Member AFSCME Council 93 (no local # yet)
Nicholas Zastrow Organizer AAFMCC AFT Local 6533
Shane Morin member MFT 59
Erin Tomlinson Member Association of Legal Aid Attorneys, UAW 2325
Jimmy Lipps Member MFT 59
Rebecca Miller Executive Board Member MPLS Federation of Teacers, Local 59
Michael Pesa Building representative Baltimore Teachers Union (AFT local 340)
Jackson Potter Executve Board High School Functional Vice President Chicago Teachers Union Local 1
Tom Edminster member United Educators of San Francisco-Retired (AFT-NEA)
Laurie Hinkle Member Ohio Education Association
Sandy Higgins Member AFSCME Local 2822
Joe Zahorik Political Coordinator Ironworkers Local 89
Alex Hoselton Steward MFT 59
Linnea Hempel de Valdez Member Minneapolis Federation of Teachers
Chau Ngo Member TSEU-CWA 6186
Joe Sayles Member Mft 59
Mark J Shorey Ironworker Ironworkers Local #7
Laura Askelin Secretary MACE (AFSCME Staff union)
Larry Alcoo National Campaign Director SEIU
Riley Davis Rank and File Member Alliance/AFT Local 2260
Elizabeth Garcia Member CWA 6186
Teferi Fufa Retiree MFT 59
Cameron Slick Conductor SMART-TD Local 911
Emma Feeney Co-chair and member SEIU Local 73
Monica Thammarath National President Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, AFL-CIO (APALA)
Marie Dino Member Teamsters 320
Kim M Houle Office Manager SEIU Local 26
Leia Petty Member United Federation of Teachers (NYC)
Tim Goulet Shop steward Teamsters Local 810
Julie Oppenheimer Organizer INA
Molly Hudgens Organizer SEIU Local 73
Richard Ryan Retired Business Representative District 77
Alec Ramsay-Smith Organizer SEIU 1199 New England
Lucy Herschel Member 1199SEIU
Cindy Waugh Member UAW 659
Nikeeta Slade Member Local Millwrights 1163
Ronnie Almonte Member United Federation of Teachers
Tristan Bock-Hughes Staff Organizer Illinois Nurses Association
Casey Hudek Campaigns Manager Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation
Ricky Baldwin rep SEIU
Mel Bienenfeld President Westchester Community College Federation of Teachers
Patrick Hamilton Member Ibew lu 347
Zachary Schultz Member Teamsters 991
Adam Miyashiro Secretary AFT Local 2275
Jordy Cummings Rank and File member Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 3903
Akshay Ragupathy member UAW 2110
Ryan Roche Local Union Rep HUCTW / AFSCME Local 3650
Edna Bonhomme Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft (GEW) GEW: Berlin, Germany
Kaye jaeger Member SEIU 1199
David Jones Shop Steward Teamsters Local 512
Jared Sacks member UAW 2110
Destiny Dusosky Member AFSCME local 753 C5
Mark Friedman Steward NewsGuild-CWA Local 32035
Betsy Erbaugh Member AFT 2275
Erica Schatzlein Vice President St. Paul Federation of Educators
susie day member UAW Local 2110
Helen Zhao Member GWC-UAW 2110
Kathleen griffiths Member PSC CUNY, FFU Fordham
Nicole Kanieski Member Education MN
Arsenia Reilly-Collins Adjunct Faculty / Member Professional Staff Congress CUNY / AFT Local 2334
Benjamin Kindler Member GWC-UAW Local 2110
Harlan Chambers Rank and file GWC-UAW Local 2110
Peter Ikeler Chapter Delegate United University Professions (AFT)
Sarah Hughes Member Association of Field Staff Employees
Batul Hassan Member GWC-UAW Local 2110
Ricardo Levins Morales none TNG-CWA Local 37002
Anna Smith Member MAPE Local 1301
Keith Hanson Member UFCW Local 663
Doug Moore Executive Director AFSCME/UDW Local 3930
Gabriel Antonio Solis Member GWC-UAW Local 2110
Greg Martinson Chief Negotiator/Member Rights Advocate Education Minnesota-Roseville Local 7228
Kyle Proehl Member UAW 2865
Akua Gyamerah Head Steward UAW 5810
Melinda Bunnage Organizer 73
Monique Dols member United Federation of Teachers
Kali Goblirsch Member AFSCME Local 66
Justin Charles Member UAW-7902
Haley Pessin Rank and File Member SEIU 1199
Alex Erickson Business Agent OPEIU Local 12 (MAPE staff)
Maria Teresa Gomez Member, Organizer Chicago News Guild; SEIU Local 1
Kali Goblirsch Member AFSCME Local 66
Alex Vega-Byrnes member TWU Local 100
Mel Abler Rank and file GWC-UAW Local 2110
Sean Petty, RN Board of Directors New York State Nurses Association
Curtis Neff Organizer Minneapolis Nursess Association
Martha Baumgarten Vice President for Elementary Teaching Staff, United Educators for Justice Council, Chicago Teachers Union Chicago Teachers Union AFT Local 1
Debra Buschette RN MNA
Ashley Argoti Member UAW Local 2110
Bob Cash Retired Member CWA 6186, Steelworkers 1742, AFSCME 1550
David J. Guerrero Delegate 1199SEIU - The Legal Aid Society
Greg Will member SEIU Healthcare Illinois-Indiana
Eva Schreiner "Member " GWC-UAW Local 2110
Matt Musel Local Secretary Teamsters 320
Kristi Herman Hill Executive Board Member St Paul Federation of Educators Local 28
Becky Braddock member IATSE Local 140
Rebecca Mason University of San Francisco Faculty Association CFT/AFT Local 4269
Jono Shaffer Campaign Director SEIU
Claudia Woodman Member Colorado Wins Local 1876
Gabriel Paez Union Delegate Chicago Teachers Union Local 1
Gregory Goodman Rank-and-file member Chicago Teachers Union, AFT Local 1
Galo Vasquez Member Newburgh Teachers Association local 2867
Nicholas Rynearson member ACT-UAW 7902 (NYU)
Mikel Herb Steward MFT- ESP 54
Frida Alvarez Member MAPE 214
Kenzo Shibata President, Illinois Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, CTU Rank-and-file Chicago Teachers Union, Local 1
Bessie Tsitsopoulos union delegate Chicago Teachers Union Local 1
Tyler Park Skone Equity Equity TC
Michelle Richardson Steward CWA 7250
Brett Kostial Member IWW
Jackie O'Shea Secretary Minnesota Nurses Association Staff Organization
John Kirkland Personal capacity Carpenters LU 167
Ben Carpenter Member CWA Local 1104
Allen Shur (Retired)Business Manager/ Financial Secretary (Retired) IBEW Local 569
Joseph Barrett Laborer retired Sheetmetal Workers
Jonathan Wilson Member CTU
Tamera Locke Laborer Apprentice LIUNA Local 560
John Yanno Chapter Chair UFT
Andrew Loewen Member Canadian Staff Union
Roy Zuniga Member IBEW Local 77
William Carey Retired Steelworkers 1010
Ariela Rothstein Union building rep United Educators of San Francisco
Todd Ricker Labor Representative Maine State Nurses Association/NNOC/NNU
John Jayo Member UAW Local 2110
Brian Pickett member PSC-CUNY
Jonathan Singer Member HUCTW
Alishia Alther rank and file member - AFSCME Council 93 Local 1067
Joshua Nardie Building Rep Oakland Education Association, California
Stacy Davis Gates Vice President Chicago Teachers Union
Jeffrey Barrois Member Jefferson Federation of Teachers #1559
Annette Davis Member RFT 872
Karina Altoro Union Member MFT 59
J. Lewis Member UAW Local 1981
Edward Henry Rank and file member HUCTW (Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers)
Jed James Member AFSCME
Greta Callahan Recording Secretary, Teacher Chapter MFT59
Maggie Baisley Member AFGE
Mary Gen Davies AFSCME Council 31
Alex Leaskas COGS 896
Eric Hauer, RN Steward Minnesota Nurses Association
Dan Edmonds Member MFT 59
Carol Meyers Senior Research Analyst SEIU
David Robbins Retired Member Chicago Teachers Union, AFT Local 1
Christopher Glenn Member IAFF local 1408
Vani Kannan AFT PSC-CUNY
Buka Okoye GWC-UAW Local 2110
Danielle Zimmerman faculty council member OEA
David. Russell Boilermaker Local 687 Boilermaker
Jon Jackson Member SEIU 1021
Dominic Walker Member GWC-UAW Local 2110
Sean Butterfield Member SEIU 775NW Home Care Workers
Brett Von Schlosser steward and recording secretary AFSCME 2822
Yueran Zhang Rank-and-file organizer UAW Local 2865
Ian Olasov Member PSC-CUNY
trish niswander AFSCME 1624
Michael Manning IAM IAM
Travis Collins Steward MFT ESP Local 59
Beth Ann Mikus Member SEIU 668
Anthony Capperta School Building Delegate Chicago Teachers Union Local 1
Beth Ann Mikus Member SEIU 668
Emily Sippola Member Minnesota Nurses Association
Kyle Friend Communication Strategist OPEIU
Robert Broedel Member AFSCME Local 3341
peter calanni grievance Teamster BFLO
Robert Duncan Member SEIU Local 73
Lucy Pipkin MFT ESP 59
Matt Smith Member Roofers Local 37
Dallas Robertson Member Teamsters Local 320
John Zeiger Mobilizer CWA 1104 GSEU
Jeanne Park rank & file Ironworkers Local 377
Owen Li Researcher AFSCME Local 3299
Bill Devins President IATSE Local 13
James Curry Worker/Organizer IWW, Burgerville Workers Union
Kesi Simmons Alternate Committee Rep. UAW Local 1781
Steve E Tamari Bargaining Team Faculty Association, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Saul Nieves Retiree SEIU-32BJ
Jason Lopez Member AFSCME 1624
Patrick Jonathan Derilus Worker / Graduate Student at State University of SUNY New Paltz Hudson Valley General Defense Committee
MV Watson Member Union Organizers United (UOU)
Brionna Harder MFT59 Union Member and Bargaining Team Lead Minneapolis Federation of Teachers Local 59
Max hayashi Inside IBEW L.U. 595
Max Hayashi Journeyman Inside Wireman IBEW L.U. 595
Miriam Socoloff Retired Member Chicago Teachers Union
Rachel Rekowski Member CWA News Guild 32035
Mxtt Arnold Professional Staff Congress - CUNY PSC CUNY
Kehinde Salter member Oakland Education Association
Thomas Watters rank-and-file PSC
Denise Romero Gonzalez Rank and File Member Legal Services Staff Association
Gary Gaines Retiree SOAR 7-34-2
Jeanne Marie Freed Retired Chicago Teachers Union Chicago Teachers union Local 1
Dana Bisignani Rannk and file MSUAASF/Teamsters Local 320
Genesis Aquino Member UAW Local 2320 - Region 9A
Gloria Fisk member PSC-CUNY
Pamela Stemberg Vice Chapter Chair PSC CUNY
Kim Rademaker Member AFSCME Local 638
Thomas Lalagos Retired delegate CTU
Logan Simmering Member Ironworkers Local 44, IWW Cincinnati GMB
Christine Dussault Member CTU Local 1
Nerissa Howard Unite Hospitality Unite the Union Scotland
James ilson Duluth Federation of Teachers DFT 690
Adam Simpson Bargaining Representative IFPTE Local 70
Lydia Craighill Site Representative NEA/OEA
Marc Perrault Worker CWA 7901
Aaron Jones Union Organizer SEIU Local 73
Jessie Muldoon - Portland Education Association
Sheila Crabbe Executive Board Member ASCFME Local 1129
Tina Andres Member California Teachers Association-Santa Ana EA
Megan O'Halloran Member AFSCME Local 1954
Elizabeth Oh Member 1199SEIU
Jennie Moore Appointed Local Rep. UAW Local 5287
David Arnow Member PSC-CUNY (AFT 2334)
Geri Katz Staff Minnesota Nurses Association
Bob Ross Member The Newspaper Guild, Local 38061, CWA
Josh Saunders Member UAW local 865
Lydia Robbins Organizer PASNAP
Coert Bonthius Retired Regional Director Training and Upgrading Funds 1199SEIU Healthcare Workers East
Shari Wojtowicz Presidenr CWA 7250
Bill Aiman Member Teamsters 79
Gina Shedid UFT UFT
Lawrence Kline Journeyman Stagehand IATSE Local 13
John Gehan, AFSCME Local 8, Retired AFSCME Local 8, Retired
Sherry J Wolf member CWA 1032
Naddem Qurbani Teacher Teacher
Dennis Kosuth Member Chicago Teachers Union
Nikki Williams member SEIU 503
Kimberly I Goldbaum Member Chicago Teachers Union, AFT Local 1
Melissa Ramirez Oakland Education Association California
Stephen D Livingston AFT Local 1 SEIU Local 1
Anna Dahlen Member MFT 59
Brian Hodge-Rice Steward SPFE - local 28
Citlalli Aparicio student intern WSSC Local #501
Michael Matthews Rank and File Member Detroit IWW GMB
Adam Roth Member Baltimore IWW
Kiersten Greene Assistant Professor of Literacy Education United University Professions
Ellen Olsen Member SPFE Local #28
Annie Zirin Member ESSA/NEA
John Christie Member Oakland Education Association
Hannah Fleury OT UFT
Rebecca Kurti member 1199-SEIU
Kurt Henneck Rank and File, Ret CIC 2761
Roxana Gonzalez School Delegate Chicago Teachers Union, Local1
Yiran Zhang Rank & File, Loyola Graduate Workers’ Union SEIU Local 73
Tarek Elabsy Teacher UFT
Alex Kunau Steward UFCW 663
Jenna Woloshyn Member Teamsters local 70
Fatimah Ayyeh Na Na
Jacqueline C Ristola Delegate TRAC (Public Service Alliance of Canada)
Matthew Lazaridis Member National Union of Workers, Australia
Deb Konechne Membership Secretary AFSCME Local 34
Julia Schorr-sherer Member UESF
Linda Markowitz Member IEA
Matthew Roth Associate Director Massachusetts Nurses Association
John Aho Union Representative Minnesota Nurses Association
Peter Klein Rank & File United Association of Employees (Ind.)
Deb Konechne Membership Secretary AFSCME Local 34
Nicolas Coronado Member IEASO
Jodi Monday President AAFMCC -AFT Local 6533
Anne Erde Member Faculty Staff Union U/Mass/Boston
Tracy Supruniuk Member CUPE 3903
Gillian Russon Board of Directors member United Teachers Los Angeles
Mary Difino Delegate Chicago Teachers Union
Tazsmonn Tazsmonn Steward AFSCME 4001
Kirstin Roberts Co-Chair Early Childhood Committee CTU AFT Local 1
Oliver Cannell Member United Federation of Teachers
Coly Intemann Member CWA-TNG
Mary Lenihan Retired school nurse Boston Teacher's Union
Mary McGowan Member Chicago Teachers Union
Lawrence O'Brien President BEA/MTA/NEA
Kooper Caraway President Sioux Falls AFL-CIO
Valarie CFT FRU
Nat Anderson-Lippert Staff Education Minnesota/TEMPO
Marie G. Cooney Member IATSE Local 13
Andrew Heiserman Executive Board Member CTU Local 1
Anne Keirstead Building Representative MVEA MVEA
John T Fussell Labor Lawyer CT. Building Trades & Teamsters Locals
Marion Quirici Member Duke Faculty Union SEIU Local 26
Allana Olson Member IATSE Local 13
Kirti Baranwal United Teachers Los Angeles UTLA
Hoda Mitwally Delegate Association of Legal Aid Attorneys, UAW 2325
Derek Landseidel Member Bloomington Federation of Teachers
Abby Olson BFT member BFT member
Ronny Knape organizer Texas/Louisiana Labor Coalition for Peace
Nathan Selles-Alvarez Member DC 37, Local 375
Carlos Valdez Teacher Aurora Education Association
Dulce Leyva Organizer SEIU HCII
Maria Elena Terrazas Student UCSC
Brandon Wolfe-Hunnicutt Member, CSU Stanislaus California Faculty Association
Stephanie Vandrick member University of San Francisco Faculty Association
Robert A Kucera Registered Nurse MNA Minnesota Nurses Association
Taylor Tefft Organizer SEIU HCII
Robert Nicholls Member MMWIU440
Abdul Omar MACE (AFSCME workers union)
Bill Leumer former president IAM Local 565 former IAM 565
Akshai Singh Organizer, at-large member Amalgamated Transit Union Int'l
Rebecca Garelli Member/Organizer Arizona Educators United/Arizona Education Association
Joseph Toner Financial Secretary Treasurer- Business Manager Ironworkers Local 15 Hartford CT
Rebecca Oberg MFT59 MFT59
Frederick Smith member Mpls Regional Retirees Council
Nathan Kalman-Lamb Cluster Representative Duke Faculty Union, SEIU Local 26
Carol Lambiase International Representative, retired United Electrical Workers Union (UE)
Lori Tierney Member Local 59
Antonio Ochoa Member SEIU Local 509
Julie Keefe Member New York State Nurses Association
Alec Timmerman Union Steward Local 28 SPFE
Lindsay Peifer "Member " SPFE Local #28
Heather Ramirez member 1199SEIU
Kiarra Osorio Paralegal I. 1199 SEIU
Jonathan Garelick Staff Attorney UAW -- ACLA (The Legal Aid Society of New York)
Michael Letwin Labor for Palestine; Former President, Association of Legal Aid Attorneys/UAW 2325 UAW 2325
Melinda Lopez union member 1199 SEIU HEALTHWORKERS EAST
Steven B Wasserman Executive Board member Association of Legal Aid Attorneys UAW 2325 (AFL-CIO)
Erika Hanson Member Association of Legal Aid Attorneys, UAW 2325
Drew Pham Member PSC
Paulette Rubinsky Yes Yes
Katie Parker Member International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, Local 70
Joshua Carrin Member Association of Legal Aid Attorneys, UAW 2325
Clay Distler Union Member 1199 SEIU
Michael Pate staff attorney UAW ALAA 2325
Laboni Rahman Member ALAA
Richard Blum member UAW Local 2325
Ann Barten RN Minnesota Nurses Association MNA
Erin Neff Delegate UAW 2325/ALAA
Amy Helfant Member ALAA 2325
Rachel L. Pecker Member ALAA, UAW 2325
Della Denny-Abbott President AFSCME 2673
Brock Barber Local Treasurer AFSCME Council 32 Local 1
Julia Burke Delegate UAW, ALAA 2325
David McNally Member Texas State Employees Union
David Affler Member Association of Legal Aid Attorneys, UAW 2325
Eric Holmberg Member TNG-CWA Local 37002
Susan Kingsland Social Worker SEIU 1199
Clara Hutchinson Teacher SPFE 28
Jonah ben Avraham Rank and File UAW, Local 17
Laura Peñaranda member Trade Unions for Energy Democracy
Tina Gross member IFO (Inter Faculty Organization)
Jake Douglas Interim Shop Steward UNITE HERE Local 23
Gus Froemke Communications and Government Relations Director Teamsters Local 320
Jennifer Michelson MNA member MINNESOTA NURSES ASSOC.
Margarita Jesme Organizer UNITEHERE Local 8
Rafael Greenberg Organizer Unite Here Local 23 Denver
Ander Pierce Member UNITE HERE Local 23
Mariah wood Unite here Local 23
Andrew Sernatinger Steward Teamsters 695
Samuel Geaney-Moore Organizer Unite Here Local 23
Sarah Giovanniello Organizer UNITE HERE
Kevin Abels Organizer Unite Here 23
Graham Fortier AFLCIO Senior Organizer CWA/TNG 32035
Thanh Dao Organizer Unite Here Local 23
Masao Suzuki member AFT 1493
Adrian Lau Area Rep United Teachers Los Angeles
Grace R Jencks Union Member at United Airlines Unite Here Local 23
Claire Douglas Member CTA, San Diego Educators Association
Brie Monahan Member MFT 59
Bill Crane member AFT Local 6300
Cliff Willmeng Steward, 8th VP UFCW 7
Zoe Lawlor Member Unite, Ireland
B. Ross Ashley Former shop steward and former Local 204 Executive Council member SEIU, locals 204 and 1.ca (now retired)
cliff smith Business Manager United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers, Local 36
Michael Levin Member AFM 10-208
David Padilla Political Organizer SEIU Local 2015
Marcy Winograd member United Teachers of Los Angeles
Virginia M. Stark, Esquire ATU 265 Retiree, Women Thinking Out Loud Amalgamated Transit Union
Michael A. Madden Educator-Communicator Lodge 112 IAMAW
Matt Kellard Member WGAw, IWW
Nancy Kalow Member SEIU Southern Region Local 26
Anthony Alessandrini Member CUNY Professional Staff Congress
Mary-Jo Nadeau Former Senior Staff Representative (Retired) Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), Local 1281, Toronto
Nancy Wright Member National Education Association
Chris Rhodes Member Unite Here Local 23
N. Dewolf N/A N/A
Ashley Victoria Auer Member Screen Actors Guild
Christopher Hanna People's Organizing Collective United Students Against Sweatshops Local 3
Michael A. Iasilli Member NYSUT, Faculty Association of Suffolk Community College
Hector Agredano rank and file Pasadena City College Faculty Association
SooKyung Vitale Member UAW, Local 2320 (LSSA)
David Pinsonneault Organizer SEIU 73/SESU
Maria T Moreno Financial Secretary Chicago Teachers Union Local 1
Bridgette Bissonnette Member ALAA / UAW 2325
Sirisha Naidu Grievance Officer AAUP-WSU
Kit Wainer Chapter Leader United Federation of Teachers (New York City)
Thomas Askjellerud Member LO
Faviola Armendariz Member DNG 37074
Ruth Zietlow Grievance Officer IFO
Felicia Elias Supporter/Teamster's Daughter 761
Elia Lara Chapter chair UTLA Norrh area
Ryan Haney Member Teamsters Local 745
Abdul-Basit Haqq Vice President CWA1037
Thomas J Thieme teacher Teachers Association of South Pasadena
Charles Post Rank and File Member Professional Staff Congress-CUNY/AFT 2334
Thomas Grace Steward UE 203
Sarah Jacobson Organizer Unite Here Local 23
Itzy Ramos Member IATSE Local 311 & Local 829
Liz McCauley Member IAM DL141, LL1759
Frances Fisher SAGaftra National Board member SAGaftra AEA (Actors Equity)
Bob Bathrick Member University of San Francisco Part-Time Faculty Association AFT/CFT 6590
Meaghan Diffenderfer Vice President UE Local 203
Philip Hilton Member SEIU 1021
Victoria Croce Retired Retired
Joshua Armstead Vice President - DC Chapter UNITE HERE Local 23
Michele Bollinger Member, Washington Teachers Union AFT Local 6
Julianne weinzimmer member WSU AAUP
Robert Cheng Member AFSCME 2911
Gary A. Merritt Jr. Journeyman Inside Wireman IBEW L.U. 236
Fainan Lakha member SEIU 1199
Laurie Stammer Regional Contract Organizer SEIU Local 284 staff, Steelworkers Local 7263
Lori Tierney Member Local 59
Michael Billeaux Member AFT 243
Dianne Mathiowetz member, UAW #10 (retired) (ret) UAW #10; producer, The Labor Forum, WRFG89.3FM, Atlant
Gretchen Virkler Member NYSNA
Danny Ritter Labor Representative National Nurses United
Ronald Dixon Treasurer and Steward Minnesota Association of Professional Employees (MAPE) - Local 401
Jon Isaac Member & Steward Teaching Assistants Association, AFT 3220
Megan Kennedy Member University Madison TAA
ronald moore Assistant to the Vice President (organizer) Inlandboatmans Union of the Pacific (retired)
Snehal Shngavi Member Texas State Employees Union/ CWA local 6186
Seth Newton Patel Lead Negotiator AFSCME 3299
Carl Biers Area Director NYSNA
John West Member UPTE 9119
Rosie Frascella Member, Chapter Leader UFT - MORE Caucus
Lawrence Handsuch Chief Steward International Union of Operating Engineers Local 70
Melissa Rakestraw Shop Steward and Executive Board National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 825
Annie Tan Member United Federation of Teachers AFT Local 2
Alejandro Coriat Rank and file Hospitality Workers, Unite HERE 217
Monique Payan Member Saint Paul Federation of Educators
Molly Thul Business Agent UNITE HERE! Local 17
Kelsie anderson Member and steward Opeiu local 12
Lynne Turner member and delegate PSC-CUNY (AFT 2334)
Matt Smith Organizer CMRJB Workers United
Clarice Kuhling Member WLUFA
Lauren Siegel Membership Secretary, local 2101 MAPE
Deborah J. Lipsitz Student SNHU
Kathy Hayden MNA Steward MNA
James Mahoney IV member UFCW 700
Peter Molenaar shop committee/steward (now retired) Teamsters local 970
Miranda Bachman Member Union of Union Representatives (UUR)
Kyle Stegerwald Member IBEW LU 354
Erin Whitcraft Member SPFE
Steve Early Former International Rep CWA
Luma Hasan Member NEA New Jersey FTEA
Kristen melby Member Mft 59
Joel Reinstein member The News Guild - Communication Workers of America Local 32035
Daniel Kebede Executive Member National Education Union (UK)
Mark Howard Member UNISON - United Kingdom
Sarah Slavick Lesley University Steward SEIU 509
Emily Brooks member PSC- CUNY
Nader Atassi Member GWC-UAW Local 2110
Andrew Yale Organizer SEIU 73 / SESU
Chloe Asselin Alt-Delegate PSC-CUNY
Ilhem Chebout Teacher UFT
Sonali Gupta Member TAA
Lauren Nickell member AFT/Boston Teachers Union Local 66
Lynn Mason Secretary-Treasurer Laborers International Union of NA, Local 136
Blair Tosh Member AFSCME 753
Bob Buzzanco Member TSEU
Jordan Weber Member Cook County College Teachers Union - AFT Local 1600
Bill Comiskey Teamster Driver 560/638
Bill Comiskey Retired Teamster 560/638
Pancho Valdez Teamsters Local 968, TSEU Local 6186 Retired Chief steward Teamsters Local 968, member TSEU/CWA Local 6186
Sheila Frankfurt Member AFGE local 1822
Sean Tousey-Pfarrer member UFCW Local 1459
Amy Hines-Shaikh Legislative and political director Upte-cwa local 9119
John Ferguson California Teachers Association Morongo Teachers Association
Eric Nava-Perez Member TSEU-CWA Local 6186
John P Kaderbek Rank and File, Steward Teamsters 743
Natalia Segura Teacher Chicago Teachers Union
Davio Cianci Rank and File UAW-GWC 2110 dccianci@gmail.com
Sara Catalinotto Delegate United Federation of Teachers L.2 NYC saracat1@gmail.com
Colleen Johnston Steward Denver Newspaper Guild 37074 colleenajohnston@gmail.com

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