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In Stirling we teamed up with Hey Girls to make sure you stayed ‘Period Protected’ during COVID – 19.

Whilst school collection points were temporarily closed during COVID-19, we trialled a new ordering service online so young people could still get access to the products they needed.

This service is open to any young person who menstruates up to 25 years but you must live, go to school, or work/volunteer in the Stirling Council area and provide a Stirling post code for delivery.

A range of products across four care packs were available to choose from these include:

100 x day pads, 4 x boxes of overnight pads
5 x boxes of regular digital tampons, 5 x super digital tampons
1 small menstrual cup (suitable for under age 25 and not given birth vaginally) & steriliser pot, and 60 x day pads
Reusable Day Pads (pack of 5), 40 x day pads
3 x pairs of period pants

Thanks to funding from the Scottish Government, free sanitary products continued to be available throughout Stirling during this time.
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Stirling Council partnered up with Hey Girls to offer you a no leak, super comfy, chlorine and bleach free, environmentally friendly products. Is this an important choice for you to have when collecting free products from School/Colleges/Work places? *
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What happens next? A lot has changed since Covid19. Please share any ideas you have as to how Free Sanitary products could be made available in a dignified, sustainable and safe way.
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Free Online access will continue until Sunday 25th October, this will enable Education buildings to implement a new Covid Safe approach.
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