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Does your custom video include any of the following fetishes? Incest, ageplay, the n-word, religious sacrilege, rape roleplay, animal roleplay, fisting, death roleplay, drunk roleplay, drug roleplay, prostitution roleplay, weapons. If so, it qualifies as 'extreme' and you will need to fill out this form instead: https://forms.gle/DFsYqQZEUEAiWEbGA *
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Do you want me to say your name in your custom video? This will cost an extra $50. *
If you want me to say your name, please enter your name (and how to pronounce it if necessary) here.
Do you want your custom video to be exclusive? This means I won't re-sell it or share it anywhere else, ever. It will be for your eyes only, forever. This costs an additional $150. If you pay this fee, you do NOT need to pay the $50 name fee. Your name will be included at no additional cost. *
What would you like me to wear/use? *
Let me know what you'd like me to wear (clothes, accessories etc.) and use (toys, equipment etc.). If you want me to be naked, or don't have any preference, let me know!
What would you like me to say and do? *
This is where you should enter your description/script. You can enter a very specific script including camera angles, dialogue, positions etc., or just give me a broad description and let me figure out the details. It's up to you!
Which payment method would you like to use? *
I accept credit/debit cards (through a secure, discreet website that will NOT show up as anything 'adult' on your card statement) and BitCoin (completely secure and anonymous). My credit/debit card processor charges me 15%, so you get a 15% discount for paying via BitCoin.
Please confirm that you understand, accept and respect the following rules. *
I re-sell all of my custom content on my clip stores and/or websites, unless the exclusive fee is paid. I retain exclusive copyrights to all my content, and it is illegal for you to share, sell or distribute any of my content in any way, even exclusive customs. This includes, but is not limited to, sharing my content on forums, sharing my content with friends via email or other means, sharing my content on porn websites, sharing my content on social media, sharing the cost of custom content between multiple people and then sharing the content between them etc.
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