Farmers Market at the 1900 Building
Please Read This before Submitting your Application.

No vendor Fees for the year 2018 for any vendor who has participated in any other event at the 1900 Building Parking Lot.

As per the City of Melbourne, the 1900 Building’s special event permit is contingent upon the following:

“The mission of the Farmers Market is to be recognized as an open-air market experience for all ages and walks of life and to promote the viability of farmers markets through innovative services, programs and partnerships that maximize the benefits of the market to sellers, buyers and the community.”

Products allowed for sale include fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, food derivatives, e.g. honey, jams, juices, ice cream, etc. cooked and prepared food, living or cut horticultural products, seafood and meats, specialty boutique arts, crafts and soap products.

*No mass merchandized commodity, second-hand or flea market items are permitted. No organic materials such as mushroom compost or manure may be sold. The integrity of the market depends on vendors and the Market Manager maintaining a high standard of quality.”

We understand some vendors have participated in a market at the 1900 Building Location.
This new event will be organized in a different way and by a different company

What is different?

Market Manager
The Market Manager is the management, representatives or assignees of Melbourne Historical Building, LLC dba 1900 Building.

Location of Booths
The site plan will be an “L Shape” and take place on the western-most side of the parking lot, and cross on the northernmost side closest to Strawbridge to US1. See map attached. We want visibility from US 1, Strawbridge as well as New Haven Avenue.

Only WHITE canopy Straight leg tents will be allowed. No vendor with any other color tent will be allowed to participate. Vendors are REQUIRED to supply their own: 10x10 straight leg tent along with any required tables and chairs.

Market Hours are from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Saturdays from December 2nd to May 26th Minus Saturday March 17th which is the Botanical Fest. Based on the success of this event, a new permit will be requested to extend these dates.

Setup Hours
Vendors are expected to be set up by 9am and remain until 2:00pm. Vendors must set up where they have been assigned, any request in location must be communicated in the confirmation e-mail (a map will be provided online to identify set-up locations). Any vendor who begins breaking down before 2:00pm will not be allowed to return to the market.

No vendors will be allowed to park in the 1900 Building Parking Lot. Please find public parking close by to allow more customers to stop by and to create a pedestrian friendly and inviting atmosphere at the market.

Juried and curated event
The Market Manager will select and approve vendors to participate in order to create a real Farmer’s Market experience for the community. We will strive to maintain a 90-10 Ratio. 90% fruits, vegetables, food, Juices, etc to 10% arts and craft vendors.

Vendors must submit a Proposed Product List of every item they intend to sell, whether the item is grown or brokered. Sale of item(s) not listed on their Approved Product List, at any time during the season, is prohibited. Vendors must submit a request to add an item that is out of the scope of their original approved product list.

We reserve the right to encourage brokering vendors to provide alternative products if we have an excess of the product on the market brought by growers. (i.e. no brokering Mangoes in June during peak Mango season)

We will start by bringing an ADA Portable toilet for the first few markets but our idea is to have a designated restroom for the farmers market inside the 1900 building that will be open to vendors and customers for the duration of the events.

Feedback from the vendors will always be welcome. We are looking to create an event that will be very popular, be recognized and be respected by both vendors as well as customers.

All Vendor fees must be paid in advance. No vendor Fees for the year 2018 for any vendor who has participated in any other event at the 1900 Building Parking Lot.
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