Employee OSHA Training Knowledge Examination
Macon County Department of Education
Watch the OSHA Training Video below and then answer the related test questions.
I have watched the Macon County Schools Substitute Training Video and the OSHA Safety Video in its entirety. Please select date below both training videos were viewed. *
Provide your full name below as your signature that you have watched the training videos described in Question 1 *
Please enter your email address
Please enter the contact number you wish to be reached to substitute in Macon County Schools. *
When should you report a hazardous condition to your supervisor? *
Paperwork for any work place related accident or injury must be completed AND TURNED IN TO THE CENTRAL OFFICE within ________ of an injury. *
If a hazardous chemical gets in your eyes, you must flush your eyes with water for AT LEAST_________ *
When is it okay for an employee of the district to be under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or any controlled substance in any place where district work is performed and anywhere employees supervise students on behalf of the district? *
As an employee of the school district, who is required by law to report cases of suspected child abuse? *
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