NDG Assessment of Community Needs
The NDG Community Council is conducting an assessment of community needs regarding health and social services in the NDG community. An assessment of community needs identifies the strengths and resources available in the community that meet the needs of children, youth, individuals, families, and seniors. It provides a framework for developing and identifying existing services and services gaps and helps build services that support all residents in the community.

The NDG Community Council assessment of community needs includes surveys with NDG residents, two focus groups with NDG residents, one focus group with NDG community outreach workers, four one-on-one interviews with service providers, and formal academic research.

The assessment of community needs report will be used to provide recommendations and suggestions for strengthening health and social service provision and help inform the development of social policies impacting the NDG community. Recommendations and suggestions from the report will also be used to inform the new Strategic Plan of the NDG Community Council (2021-onwards).
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