So, you want to learn German?
That's great. We look forward to meeting you in the Open German beginner course soon.

Will you tell us a bit about yourself?

Then, we can work on creating a most engaging learning experience for you. Everything in here is anonymous, so no truly private answers are needed. You can skip any question, if you don't want to answer specific ones.

Tell us a bit about the reasons why you want to learn German, what topics you are interested in, what skills you need to practice, etc.

und bis bald,
eure Joerdis
1. What age group are you in?
2. Which country are you from?
3. If you have learned a little bit of German, where did that happen?
Clear selection
4. What's your native language?
5. Which other languages do you speak in addition to your mother tongue?
6. How much experience do you have with learning online?
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7. How important is communication with others (the teachers and other learners) for you to learn languages?
very important
not important at all
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8. What do you expect from the Open German course?
9. What topics are you really interested in? Name 1-3
10. What's your favourite language learning tool? Why do you like it?
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